Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The horror! The horror!

The great Joss Whedon talks about the Buffyverse living (dying? muahahaha!) on in comic form and also about his upcoming eBay charity auction for Equality Now. After failing miserably to come up with any elegant and witty prose to add to these newsy bites, I figured that paying homage to the great Buffy tradition was the way to go. And so I offer to you a presentation of such manifest horror, an unspeakable thing that goes far beyond the prosaic chilling of the blood, an evil that freezes the very soul itself, leaving you hapless and the easiest of prey for this avatar of cosmic terror, the Biggest Bad of them all.

I've always wondered if that characteristic scowl of his comes from the bone fragments of the children he devours alive sticking out from between his teeth and into his gums. That can't be too comfortable.

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