Saturday, June 30, 2007

Point by point

Charlotte just cut loose former Cavs first round pick Brevin Knight, and Seattle, after the Ray Allen trade - good move, Danny Boy; enjoy winning 42-46 games for the next couple of years and watching Al Jefferson bolt Beantown after the grey sets in; how do these fuckers keep their job? - has three point guards on their roster: Luke Ridnour, Earl Watson and the recently acquired Delonte West. Ridnour has 3 years left on his contract at $19.5 million, Watson is at 3 years/$18.6 million and West is, unfortunately, still on his rookie contract. I'd imagine that the Sonics will want to trim one of the high-end guys. Knight made $4 million last season, so we theoretically wouldn't have to break the bank to nab him. He scored 9.1 ppg and dished out 6.6 apg in just over 28 mpg. Translation: big improvement over what we have. Sure he's a bit injury-prone, but that didn't stop us from throwing money at Larry fucking Hughes, now did it. Regardless of what we do, Boobie will probably start, but there are some decent options out there.

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