Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's scandalous

One of the ways the wingnuts have maintained their corrosive grip on power is by funneling money to each other, creating thinktanks full of fellowships that produce nothing but unsubstantiated hot air and buying each others' shitty publications, thereby purchasing another round of unsubstantiated hot air. Global warming, indeed. Their brownshirts, the internet mouthbreathers unable to read all that well, provide evidence of the rightness (ha) of this collective cognitive dissonance by linking to each other, having spent their money on Cheetos and the annual fresh set of drawers while furiously typing the latest PNAC manifesto they saw on the SCLM in their parents' basement. Hit counts are boosted, the lizard brain id is soothed, and all is right with the world Saint Ronnie created.

In and of itself, it actually isn't a bad idea. If one uses their powers for good instead of evil. So, for the three readers I assume I'll have by the end of 2008, and further assuming we haven't been blown to smithereens in a Bush-fueled hellfire of Biblical proportions, I highly suggest we stay on message and support quality prose by checking out Yazoo Street Scandal. Mr. Cartouche can write a little bit and it's good, clean fun for the whole family.

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