Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Naval lint

The oceans are full of sailed ships.

You, 61° in Cleveland on January 30th, I hope you die of heat stroke.

Doing the right thing can be incredibly unfulfilling.

Each time I think I might want to make an actual friend, I thankfully remember that people are terribly overrated.

Responsibility [and X-Files reruns] keeps me from being a woodland hermit.

This post was paragraph after paragraph, surprisingly poetic -- not grandiloquent and moving, more easy flow rhyme-ish shit never there during actual tries.

Ergo, should turn discards into verse, or chuck this writing gig altogether.

Hey look, a shiny thing.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You sunk my belly button!

anne said...

this plugin is vulnerable like me , papery randal are you good with adobe (what is the link ?) , or if .. are you ,/love and rockets were my older brother,s fav. band when we were young,before they were love ..and rockets .. , said a shiny ,vers',who loves lint ,of the oceans not naval

anne said...


Demeur said...

61 in Clevelandia eh? The weather gods will extract their revenge. You watch.

anne said...

god ess .. . of bingen

susan said...

It usually takes me about 10 years to make a friend and then I move. Yes, I'm irretrievably unreliable.

Beach Bum said...

Doing the right thing can be incredibly unfulfilling.

Responsibility [and X-Files reruns] keeps me from being a woodland hermit.

Amen! Damn I could say so much on this. And for me its Fringe, Walter rocks!

Randal Graves said...

if, that's just the beer gut swallowing it up.

anne, I'm good at turning the computer on and off. A pox upon anti-tuneage code. Hildegard makes one feel all cathedraly.

demeur, 20s today. La tristesse de la rage hath been partially sated.

susan, given their maple syrupy kindness, I would imagine that the Canadian rate is nearer to 7 or 8 years.

BB, I'm assuming that if I dig the X-Files, I should check out Fringe? One of the cable channels shows reruns.

anne said...

not sure what you mean by on and off randal, said more feral than most , i really can't see anything that is moving here because of my set up , is it something of love .. and rockets , and what of ..?/ my god ess of bingen was a response to demeur's bluing / and the ..comma alone comment post was lint .. .

Jim H. said...


And salt water

70º + in ATL w/ tornados

So, do the wrong thing

Does that include you?

The truth is out there (in the woods, I mean)

What Thunder said!

Chuck who?

Derble derble derble

okjimm said...

a Shiny THing!! ohohoh... I love shiny things! I have several! The attendants are under doctor's orders to make sure none are sharp, though. Oh well. they fit up my nose well so I can still have fun with then

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Naval lint? Is that like a naval orange, but fuzzy?



Tom Harper said...

Who needs real-life friends when you can make hundreds of friends on Facebook?

And where's that shiny thing? Come on, don't keep us guessing.

Life As I Know It Now said...

One day it's 61 degrees at the tail end of January and then the next thing you know the winds are howling and it's 30 degrees and the beginning of February! WTF is going on with the weather for sure!!!

Keep writing you curmudgeon you :)