Wednesday, June 29, 2011

These are primitive times

Told ya, 'tis snapshots or a protracted self-haruspicy &
the human condition's socially awkward as is. You're welcome. 

Highway star.

Cool & refreshing, minus high fructose corn syrup.

Even (most) blockheads have brains.

The path of least resistance.

The Eye of Leviathan.

Who's the asshole screwing up my shot?

Face the thing that should not be? Gimme a few minutes.

♪ Mallard duckie, you're the one ♫

You knew rust would show up sooner or later.


Does not belong to the Peonage.

Shiny happy breakwall holding rocks.

The Gymkata Splish Splash Spectacular starts at two.

Slackers not winning the future.

Obligatory shot of downtown Clevelandistan, though the non-fugly half of Peonage Local no. 13 suggests Clevelandia as more linguistically swanky.

The coast with the most rocks.

Where's my honey bee?

Sorry, military-industrial complex, it's not you, it's me.


thatgirl said...

Snarky commentary making me almost giggle like a creepy person at the public Internets terminal at the non-academic biblioteca.

Left my usb cable in the car or I'd have some corroborating swankiness.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You could use title="Where's my honey bee?" in your picture html to make the captions pop up when people mouse over the pics. (Nice pics, btw!).

Also, I'm editing your wikipedia entry to say that you've always voted for Kang.

susan said...

Your picture posts are routinely the most comprehensible you've ever done. I'll be back for The Gymkata Splish Splash Spectacular.

Demeur said...

Miracle of miracles isn't that the face of Sarah Palin in that rock?

Can we sell it on ebay next to the image of Mary in toast?

Randal Graves said...

thatgirl, oh, you're one of *those* people. Dear Carl Monday.

Heh, I should return your extra since I no longer need it.

if, I don't know man, that sounds too much like work, plus it veers on the side of creative.

Bastard. I'm telling Yog-Sothoth on you.

susan, a picture's worth a thousand coherences, and, for shits n' giggles, I highly recommend Gymkata. It's Ed Wood awful.

demeur, whatcha gonna do
whatcha gonna do
when Lenin comes for you!

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Those are Imperial Walkers, not Gymkata. It figures that Star Wars nerds would build them in Clevelandistan.



Beach Bum said...

Even (most) blockheads have brains.

My wife would differ with you on that statement as it applies to this blockhead.

Laura said...

I think that the a-hole pic should be your new profile avatar! :P

(great pictures)


Randal Graves said...

tengrain, excuse me, Californistan, but my Star Wars RPG knowledge code is 4d+1. Good luck surviving The Game, westerner.

BB, heh, I hear you. Blockhead solidarity! Should we start a secret society modeled on the Illuminati, only without doing anything?

laura, gasp! At the expense of the monocle?

okjimm said...

your pictures kinda rock. I would next suggest a visit to a dairy farm.... interesting shit to photograph.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said... made me look at the computer today. You are a tempting evil master, Randal Graves.

Great photo display, the only thing that was missing was a picture of rotted fish or a dead seagull or something. You make Cleveland look like a vacation spot. Heck, you might even find yourself in a career doing photo shoots for tourism or something. :-)

Jim H. said...

Okay, I'll play. Let's see: Deep Purple, Ernie (of Bert &), Lynrd Skynrd, REM.

Miss anybody?