Monday, July 11, 2011

What is sexy?

Prettier than the free stamp, & that's what is truly disturbing.

I don't know about you, but my fetishes generally involve Shirley Manson in swanky boots, but 'tis a propaganda-is-free country. Just watch the PDAs, okay?

By the way, drama kings & queens, you really should have ogled.


BDR said...


It was the game you sit through a hundred mundane games to get to.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What, haven't the papers out here gotten the memo?

Those aren't heroic firemen anymore, they're mooching union thugs trying to keep the Hank Reardens and Dagny Taggarts of today from creating jerbs!

Beach Bum said...

I figure certain members of the American public will eventually start claiming items from the World Center towers have miracle healing properties like some religious relic. Hell I'm surprised former mayor Rudy has visited the site and seen visions yet.

Anonymous said...

Simon Templar!

okjimm said...

That was the BEST goddam game I have seen .. since... ever

Laura said...

Couldn't they have banged that thing into something a bit more artsy? It kind of looks like a disembodied robot of some sort.
You guys are so cool in Cleveland. I wish that we could get some disaster rubble in my town. :)


susan said...

Most of the stuff hadn't finished cooling off before it was being remade into Chinese railway tracks.

S.W. Anderson said...

I have a carved wood name board, painted gold and black, that for years sat on my dad's desk at work. I remember when I was quite young going with my mom to meet him there, seeing that sign and thinking it was cool. A customer had made and given it to my dad out of gratitude for what the customer considered a favor. (Dad felt he was just doing his job.) A few years later, after my father died, I held on to that by then somewhat time-worn desk sign. There have been times when I've picked it up, held it and felt closer to someone lost to me much too soon in his life and mine.

It's not that desk sign, really, but the fact that on some level there's an emotional connection. Maybe for that reason I can understand why Pearl Harbor means so much to Navy people two and three generations removed from Japan's attack, and why firefighters and others consider some pieces of scrap steel meaningful.

I hope some northeast Ohioans and visitors will be able to see and touch those remnants, and feel a link to 9-11 victims, first responders, their friends and families. Symbols can be important, not for what they are but for what they mean to people.

Lisa said...

My fetishes always get me into trouble.

Randal Graves said...

BDR, up next, mundane game #101.

if, keep up your smart mouth & you won't have John Galt to kick around anymore.

BB, Rudy! doesn't need to visit any place to have visions.

karl of the österreich, I always enjoy playing one degree of Jane Seymour.

okjimm, it was certainly up there. I can live without displays of tactical brilliance if there's that much crazy.

laura, domo arigato Mr. Rudy!o.

susan, gotta start paying back our owners sometime.

SWA, preaching to the non/choir, pal. I get totems, & I get this one, I'm simply not going to give thumbs up to institutionalizing the dark side of empire.

One can point out the dumbassery of wacky jihadists all they want, but if we aren't such a great big bag of dicks, shit like this happens less.

Joe the Fireman will see it one way, perhaps a very personal way, & that's just fine with the fuckers in DC & jingoists everywhere.

lisa, precisely why I always wear a trenchcoat.

Anonymous said...

mea culpa, Randal. The sculpture seems to be saying smokestacks are saints. It seems an ironic gesture for a post-industrial America, especially in Cleve-town. Reminded me of the little stick-figure icon in the old B&W series on TV with Roger Moore.

Randal Graves said...

Latinate, indeed, for industry is holy, dammit.

Tom Harper said...

Wow, cool sculpture. A sobering reminder of when the World Trade Center was destroyed by PNAC and Halliburton, er, ahem, I mean a bunch of fanatic Ayrabs with box-cutters.

S.W. Anderson said...

Randal, I don't understand how you can equate honoring the memory of firefighters, cops and others who risked and gave their lives to help 9-11 victims with "institutionalizing the dark side of empire." By that logic you'd condemn a doctor who treats alcoholics for liver disease for accommodating the liquor industry.

Randal Graves said...

Because alcoholism, unlike empire, hasn't murdered hundreds of thousands of people and exploited the resources of the millions who were lucky not to have their limbs blown off by us or our proxy bulldogs.