Thursday, March 1, 2012

The important things

'tis not blurry, 'tis art.

Non, the Peonage wasn't beating a hasty retreat to the Towering Slab even though, if we took our serious work more seriously, we would have been because we were nearly late for a very unimportant desk shift, but French chamber musick beneath stained glass, intermittent blooms of diffused blue seemingly in tune with chord changes, Dark Side & Oz without dorm room haze, is, shockingly, more alluring than sending faxes & checking in overdue items & the attendant patron bleorgh, but in missing the fourth & final movement of Faure's piano quartet in G minor [ed. note: advertise the full program next time bub], I briefly contemplated the innate silly-nesse of shackling our bodies to The Man's schedule even in the face of the heart & mind enjoying one of the reasons for even sticking around this everydeityforsaken planet, but with equal speed, remembered the third movement, & then I felt better until typing this, now I'm angry again


that's better

until the Duchess pointed out that Holy Warbles got nuked, one of the many villages destroyed in order to save Cary Sherman's face. SOPA, PIPA, & Oompa Loompas, evil, sure, but red herrings. If they want to fuck your shit up, they'll do so, ask Megaupload, & don't foolishly assume your cloud is forever under lock & swallowed key, either. Today, 'tis a non-issue, so. Copyright's a fish, too. Look, art's never been a moneymaker for the majority of practitioners, & the whole copyright gig is a legalese pit that's frankly boring like all legalese pits, but I always try & buy a shirt at the show to add a couple gallons of gas to the band's van, download from Bandcamp, or, since I love the clutter, preferably the CD because scoring a future landfill stuffer is more practical than clubbing baby seals to death in the Canadian wastes.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

They should be fined or sent to jail for disseminating the corporate roach-vomit that constitutes most of contemporary American pop culture. You don't even want to know what I think should be done to the people who create or publish that shit.


P.S. Blooger seems to suck more than ever.

Randal Graves said...

What's wrong with ramen? You're buying the wrong stuff, Amerikanski.

Anonymous said...

I'm always shaking when in church, and it's not the DTs.

Randal Graves said...

Beware faultlines!

Tom Harper said...

"'Tis not blurry, 'tis art."

That's a relief. I thought I needed new glasses or something.

susan said...

Listening to music played live is definitely the best but if you want to hear something that's old or unusual it's good to be able to do so.

The one thing Orwell really did get right was his statement saying 'those who control the past control the future'. Well, they may try to but the one thing that's always been hard to predict is the future. Who said that, I wonder? Casey Stengal?

Beach Bum said...

You got to figure the corporate suits are going to move heaven and earth to protect what keeps them driving Benz's and their Malibu homes nicely furnished. Even if it means they run over whats left of the Constitution.

I'm a freaking dinosaur when it comes to music, I still buy CD's far more than download and like you buy the t-shirt when I go to a concert.

I hope this was on topic and made some sense, damn Ny-Quil and sinus medicine has given me quite the buzz.

Demeur said...

I see where all this is going. So in their eyes since you lend out books etc for free you must be a communist.

Randal Graves said...

tom, thanks for reminding me that I need new glasses.

susan, others may use their time machine to become SuperHitler minus the bad stache, I just want to be at stuff like the premier of Beethoven's ninth.

I hope it wasn't Ty Cobb because then he's spike us with his cleats.


Some of the commenters there did make a good point about when a lot of these previously "unavailable" recordings have been collected and a specialist label puts real effort into them, one should support such things, but the RIAA doesn't have jurisdiction over non-Yank crap. Never stopped the CIA before, to be sure.

demeur, I heard we used to carry copies of Das Kapital.