Saturday, July 7, 2007

Great Moments In Understatement

"We haven't done enough."

No shit.

I cringe - well, no, I throw things at the monitor and swear a lot - when I read garbage like "this is a complex situation that we've got in Iraq right now, and I think most of the people understand that we're going to do the best we can do with what we have to work with." Actually, Senator Tester, it's pretty simple. There's a big neocon-fueled clusterfuck exploding every day and you fucks are pissing your pants because you remain spineless in the face of some boogeyman: Bush, Cheney, the fetid stench from the summer heat, internet mouthbreathers, something.

And, of course, there's always some wanker ready to help our esteemed representatives pass the buck. "Senator Reid was not able to get it done, but ultimately it is the Republicans who are obstructing passage," said some mouthpiece of some antiwar group. Yes, everyone knows we - those that are still fans of sanity - don't have the votes. Boo hoo, those mean ole people on the other side of the aisle just won't play nice. Waaaaa. Here's an idea. Yell with a little more volume. Become shrill.

This is America. We
love loudmouths.

"May the 37 percent [that support Bush] see the pain and suffering I have seen at Walter Reed."

They won't, Senator Reid. The media doesn't give a fuck. And since the bloodthirsty Republicans don't give a fuck, no matter which ones jump ship (until it's time to vote), you better. Our current modus operandi obviously isn't working because dozens of Americans and hundreds of Iraqis are still getting chewed up in the wingnut fantasy meatgrinder every few days. This is only a start. Stop being afraid of the evil monkey - pun originally not intended, but on second glance, entirely intended - in your fucking closet, realize that you have the facts and change tactics. Power of the purse, man. Who cares what the title of the NY Times article says. Press harder. Otherwise we'll be charting FU's on our side.

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