Friday, July 13, 2007

Put on a Bibby

Mike Bibby to the Cavs has been on and off for a bit, but I'm not sure that I like this potential incarnation of the deal. Beats the hell out of me why Sacramento doesn't like it: they're picking up a solid, if unspectacular 4 for about $15 million less in total salary over the next two years, and they'd get expiring contracts and a *ahem* shooter. Already have Kevin Martin and Francisco Garcia, but maybe they want a short towel-waver to complement the standard tall variety.

The problem is Bibby. Is he all that he's cracked up to be? An obvious improvement at the point for us, but he's a scoring point guard, and his FG% has gone down four straight years and his PER three. Plus, he'll turn 30 this upcoming season and Steve Nash becoming HOF-worthy after that line is an anomaly. Lastly, we'd be giving up our only proven big guy not from Lithuania. Sideshow Bob is great, but is he really ready to start? Glad Orlando fucked up and cut loose Darko, thereby making it easier for us to keep Varejao through at least this year, but a lineup of Z, Anderson, LeBron, Hughes and Bibby makes us even less likely to contend for a championship.
Young Andray Blatche is very intriguing, but the Wizards would be fools to let him go. Antawn Jamison can't play forever. So, if it happens, one question will become asked so often that it induces nausea:

Where's the beef?

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