Friday, October 8, 2010

A Vapid Poetics of Votology & Other Stories

Monstrosities like this rear their collective uglies on this campus as well, every two years, like diabolical stop-motion clockwork.

American foreign policy?

The ballot box crap, not the photo. That ugly gets a pretty smile.

Speaking of pretty, Jennifer Hetrick in an episode of TNG. WMDest MacGuffin ever aside -- that's no Star Destroyer, that's a STAR DESTROYER -- am I, as I seem to be going by conversations over the years, in the minority in digging Captain's Holiday a lot? Man, that was two decades ago. I'm old.

Speaking of old, I feel extra today on the account of Doodily, Unplanned Offspring #1, achieving the age where she is legally permitted to write in Snoopy or Woodstock or Dick Nixon or Dead Gus Hall on said ballot box crap. A cynical chip off the decrepit block. I'm so proud of her, sniff.


Anonymous said...

Last week I saw Vash wearing an old-lady's sun-hat in a garden telling me about an OTC osteoporosis drug, and *she's* old, whoosh.(And the subsequent Vash/Q/Robin Hood episode is to eye-vomit).

Also, today is the 100th anniversary of the death of Gus Hall.

If you did this on purpose, I congratulate you on your allusive creativity. If it's a happy accident, I congratulate you on your encounter with serendipity.

Ethan said...

The DS9 Vash episode is possibly even worse than the Robin Hood Vash episode. I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around this new concept of people thinking she's pretty, but hey, that's your Inalienable Right.

I do kind of like Captain's Holiday, though, I will admit.

Randal Graves said...

BDR, hawking pills in the most overmedicated society on earth ain't a bad source of income.

Serendipitians, unite!

ethan, yikes, no merry men 'round these parts. DS9's first season definitely has its share of clunkers (of which that's one of 'em). On some nostalgia level, I kind of enjoy the Robin Hood ep as a clusterfuck of ridiculousness.

Strange to have *that* followed by the Drumhead, though.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

I have no idea what you are bleating and dithering about, but congrats on the fruit of your loin making it to adult hood. Beat the odds, that one, and they don't get much odder.



Demeur said...

So it's fresh meat for the post pubescent Pro Active crowd is it? Just hope she has enough knowledge to know that Tricky Dickey was a crook. Nothing worse than spawning yet another Jaywalker.

Tom Harper said...

Nice picture at the top. mmm, it's what's for dinner.

Randal Graves said...

tengrain, as long as she never wanted to be a serial killer or a politician, I figure I did a good job.

demeur, don't worry Mrs. Lovejoy, someone's been thinking of the children.

tom, figured you all would enjoy a shot from Famous Ray's inner sanctum.

Beach Bum said...

Twenty year younger me thought Jennifer Hetrick was nice but I always had the hots for Marina Sirtis. Got embarrassed at the one Star Trek convention I attended when I found myself hanging out at the merchandise booth selling some B-movie on VHS that had Marina running around topless for a few minutes.

I'm a low down dog but seeing the dudes that were totally engrossed at the small television showing the short clip was sad.

Susan Tiner said...

Congratulations on your daughter reaching the voting age!

susan said...

Cngrats. I'm sure she'll be even more a credit to her generation than you are.. and thoroughly schooled at famed Miskatonic U. to boot.

Ethan said...

Marina Sirtis. It blows my mind that she was there for sex appeal, and not exclusively for making fun of. Although when not acting she seems to be perfectly charming. When I watch TNG, I like to interpret every scene as if everyone else is doing their best to ignore Troi, and if they absolutely have to acknowledge her presence, they do so only grudgingly. Works so well you'd think it was deliberate.

I somehow missed the age-of-majority-day aspect of the post, Randal. Happy to her.

Randal Graves said...

BB, you and your tall tales. Like dudes at a convention of any sort would be gobsmacked by 8 seconds of naked ladies.

susan t, now if I could only convince her to vote for Dick Nixon's corpse instead of Godzilla.

susan, I'd have to say that that's been the choicest nugget of wisdom I've imparted, that since Cthulhu is eventually going to destroy us all, the world is moot.

ethan, ha! I've never seen her in anything else, and I don't think she was a terrible actress on TNG, but you're right, almost as if the writing staff couldn't/didn't care to do anything with her, and when they did, they saddled her with junk like her psycho mother and the worst episode of TNG ever, that awful dreamy nightmare crap from season four. Hell, even Worf went from nothing but a stock grunter in season one to a compelling character.

Ethan said...

Hahaha, dreamy nightmare crap. The Baronette and I will occasionally confront one another and say "Where aaaah you? What is double?"

The problem might not be so much her acting as the material, I'll grant that.

Chef Cthulhu said...

Congrats on your offspring reaching the age of majority.

And if that were truly American foreign policy there'd be a Chinese thingy behind him, casually loading a revolver.

S.W. Anderson said...

It's been said a picture is worth a thousand words, but some are good for just one: "don't."

Liberality said...

Sweet! Does that mean we can count on your offspring to further our leftist, liberal, hippie progress in this decrepit country? Surely you wouldn't raise a republican? :~)