Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thirty days of suck XI: blue moon

I hadn't begun to compose the usual textual banality, oft sprinkled with inside jokes, esoterica, &/or cryptography unassailable due to not ever having sent out decoder rings to thee, because I'm not that stupid, gentle readership. Fuck, I hadn't even chosen a picture, & that's the easiest way to do these things, do anything, pick the art, & let it work its magic. Then I considered homie's query: what do you think, what do you feel when you see blue?

What shade of blue,
how much of it,
when do I see it,
with whom,
with no one,

'tis old glass found in a borrowed book & just look at that blue.

[ed. note: all right, artificial light's much too bright, but trust, blue's outta sight] 

Now I can respond, with perfect, cloudless, chart-every-star-in-Orion evening sky clarity, & if you think I am going to, you're fucking crazy. I almost feel bad for the pages that have to bear the answer's directionless, self-absorbed, adolescent ink.



ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

The decorative drapes were found guilty, and therefore must hang.

Laura said...

Boo Hiss @ if. You're terrible!

I love the dresses that the ladies are wearing. :)


Lisa said...

I got to you. That's some blue. What book contains it? I love books with lots of pictures.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

If it's cold, don't moon.



Demeur said...

Shock of shocks, what no BB King blues? No blue Monday? Not even Blue velvet?

I wasn't even thinking of this list and I found blue everywhere.

Jim H. said...

Or even Hamiet Bluiett!

susan said...

I got waylaid looking for indigo in the glass. There are some, and me among them, who have never been sure of their ability to discern that color. Just when I think I may have discovered the shade it slips away to purple.

Randal Graves said...

if, no noose is good noose.

laura, don't you think a dress made out of glass would be a wee bit uncomfortable?

lisa, this one. No way a photo can do the blue justice.

tengrain, it's still in the goddamn 70s. Stuperous funkers.

demeur, why so blue?

jim, it won't work. You broke YouTube, now that makes me blue.

susan, I tend to agree. Frankly, I blame Roy G. Biv, the narcissistic bastard.