Monday, September 26, 2011

Thirty days of suck XII: all the weirdos come out at night

Which is why, as a sun-worshiping non-weirdo, I tend to avoid not just evening itself, but its onset, this great deceiver (twilight, not me, I would never deceive, inveigle, or obfuscate) flaunting its quiver of hues before firing, piercing our heart, leaving us easy pickings for the vampires, junkies, & freaks.

Since the Great Migration of 2010, I've been witness to a fair amount of spectacular sunsets that put the above to shame. If only Krampus would gift me a swanky camera. I've been real almost-good at least 37% of the time.

No, that's not an allegory for Clevelandia sports.
The sun tried to rise long ago, but Helios fumbled.

Tomorrow, get lucky.


Beach Bum said...

Hell yeah the weirdos come out at night, I made the mistake several times for a 2:00am run to Walmart to pick up beer and Captain Crunch.

It would have been easier to get out of Jurassic Park in one piece.

Lisa said...

That's flat out artistic, Randal. You make Cleveland look absolutely beautiful.

thatgirl said...

I saw the last bits of orange cloud when I came home after being all creative and stuff. It looks like I missed out.

Randal Graves said...

BB, did you at least take some pictures of the dinosaurs?

lisa, "thank you," he crackles, twirling his Snidley Whiplash 'stache. "Fooled them again!"

thatgirl, given that you're bound to have a steady supply of swanky sunset snaps (assuming you remembered your memory card - don't face punch me), how about posting one of yours?

thatgirl said...

I really should. I haven't taken any recently though (working those extra nights and glazing mugs of madness will do that to ya).

Randal Graves said...

Doesn't have to be recent; both of these were snapped last year. All my recent ones are grainy as some internet jerk's metal show exhibition catalog, but since you remain the actual artiste, almost all is forgiven, you darkthroning destroyer you.

Demeur said...

Tis true the sanity's edge crowd does indeed rise from the dead after sundown. Just keep close tabs on your wallet and camera should you not make it home in time.

okjimm said...

nice photos.... I especially liked the power lines and the big buildings....... the colors in the background were good, too.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice sunset, R.G.

What is this Since the Great Migration of 2010 about?

Laura said...

I love those weirdos that come out at night. I sit inside and listen to them howl. :)


Randal Graves said...

demeur, zombies don't bother me. I've got a shotgun.

okjimm, I need to take more pictures of electricuting doodads.

if, hyperbole for 'we moved & no longer live next to a grade A jackass.'

laura, you left out the part where you join them. You do live in Canada.

susan said...

Sorry I missed these earlier. They're very nicely composed.