Thursday, October 6, 2011

Manifest destiny is manifest westiny!

& I thought I was a sucky poet.

What, lo, & herald & such, Duchess.

Our very own angry mob of shiftless hippies.

The people united will never be divided in their love of hot tamales.

I'm so old, I thought that dude's V for Vendetta shirt was for this.

In case you were wondering, & you were, yes, one of the speakers did utter the far above as the first line of some civil disobedient rallying cry before the angry mob was told to stick to the sidewalk, which made us chuckle 'cause we're cynics.

Cynical shoes.

At least it's better than westiny.

Oh, that's why they were told to stick to the sidewalk.

Can't we all just get along?

Daffy Dan!

Land shark!


Now that's the Clevelandia I know & love/loathe.

Safety first.

Protected not by truncheoned polyester but moustachioed weightlifters.

Truth in advertising.

Wanna know what makes yours truly happy?


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

You scoff, but THE MAN has no doubt got you in his files now.

thatgirl said...


I kid, of course.

I'm sure the shiftless hippies will wonder why the tamales aren't vegan. Also, I actually bought some from that truck on a wintry night at a gas station in the hood. It was good food.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Is this a bonus post, and not part of the XXX days of suck?

Jim H. said...

I loves me some tamales.

Me, I thought all the 'V' references were to this:

(Hope I didn't break the internet again)

Oh, and why is there a picture of Captain Pike's shadow?

Happiness: the gingko trees have yet to turn here; but when they do they are glorious. Glorious. Heading to the NC mountains for more of the same.

Darkthroning. Yay!

Randal Graves said...

if, if (if? if!) The Man wishes to keep track of slacker bum getting paid lower-middle class wages, it's His time to waste.


thatgirl, don't make me post the drinking skull shot.

Tastiness filed away for future reference, but was this before or after Simpering Joe waged his trans fat jihad?

if, bonus, because I care. I guess.

jim, you did break the internet because clicking is useless. I'm telling The Man on you.

Dude, you better snap some shots & post them. Autumn's the bestest with the mostest. Fenriz says darkthroning is good for the soul & cleans the pores.

susan said...

Thank goodness we can still count on them to make us happy - at least until somebody decides they need to charge us for looking.

Beach Bum said...

Was that part of the Occupy Wall Street stuff? When the Molotov's start flying give me a call.

S.W. Anderson said...

Some good backs-of-the-crowd shots there. I like that fall color at the end.

Randal Graves said...

susan, each tree engulfed by four cast-iron walls, deposit $2.25 to view.

BB, it was. Started at noon, but with a later lunch, we got there just a shade before three. Yay for hating on The Man, but I have to go with my fellow Peon's take on this.

Plus, how come none of these things ever have someone plugged into a fucking amp? Goddamn hippies, play some fucking Sabbath.

SWA, soon the deep reds will be coming. And the leaves, too. Thank you, thank you.

Laura said...

Careful Randal... I see you. ;) Well... part of you. I think.


Tom Harper said...

Would this be Occupy Cleveland? The leading GOP presidential candidate says it's your own fault if you don't have a job.

Lisa said...

Somebody better get off that lawn.

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