Thursday, December 22, 2011

Through rain, because there's no sleet or snow

Blue skies, wispy clouds, birdies, & 63°.
On December 21st.
In Clevelandia.

Now that's more like it but where's the damn snow?

Even trees get arthritis.

Jones Day?

Police Memorial Way?

Credit cards?

Voting? The Boz?

Chortle, guffaw, wheez. [ed. note: in the interest of disclosure, said grade school humor cannot this time be pinned upon the lapel of the Duchess]

Cliffs 'em all.

Had a smarmy comment, but the killbots threatened to turn us over to Homeland Security, which, if you'll recall, isn't too far down the road.

Why the hell not?

Why the hell not.

Reflective powers.

Since the dawn of time, obligatory Simpsons allusion.

Beautiful generic downtown Clevelandia WITHOUT SNOW.

Fly, my pretties, fly.

Devlin better not try & take my vino.

Baby triffids.

Is it safe? Is it safe? It's safe, it's very safe.

A lotta bit corporate, a little bit rock &/or roll.

Rocker &/or roller-er.

Not very good, I checked. Color me gobstopped, everlastingly.

Damn you, foot.

Damn you, Duchess's foot.

Woodland fauna, come join us in giving rain the finger.
Snow you sometime? Magic 8-ball says try again later.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Pedobear has a sidekick?

Who knew?

Randal Graves said...


MRMacrum said...

Yeah I'd like to know where the snow is also. I'm starting to get nervous I will wake up tomorrow in South Carolina.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

What is this thing "snow" of which you speak?

Regards from Californiastan,


Demeur said...

Come now Randal you know snow never comes when you want it. Scoundrels! You've stolen our Seattle weather.

okjimm said...

Fucking snow is RIGHT! and the longer i get along with out any is FUCKING OK with me. course, whatta I know?

S.W. Anderson said...

Sixty-three degrees and no snow. That's it, rub it in. We've got a dusting of the white stuff. I'd send you some but, fast as it is, UPS ain't that fast.

You have to venture north and look for some mountains. Canadastan has plenty. So has upstate New York.

okjimm, you speak for millions, myself included.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

We've got a dusting of the white stuff. I'd send you some but, fast as it is, UPS ain't that fast.

I had to go close to 80 to pass some of the giant UPS double-trucks on I-70, S.W.

susan said...

Speaking from Canadastan (its wet runny nose part where it sticks out into the Atlantic) there's no snow here yet either. Today was a balmy 48. I'm not unhappy.

Beach Bum said...

Snow? Never heard of it.

Jim H. said...

Darkthroning! YAY!

Hey, y'all got any snow up North yet?

Happy whatever & New Year's too!

Randal Graves said...

mrmacrum, Halloween was two months ago, dude.

tengrain, you live near Silicon Valley, you should know all about snow.

demeur, we've stolen it? We were a city first!

okjimm, beer kills brain cells, this thing on my neck is getting bigger.

SWA, like I said, YOU'RE ALL SICK.

if, were they bringing snow to Ohiostan?

susan, but your lack of snow is made up by the fact that it's windy and cool most of the time. Plus you've got that whole ocean thing.

BB, where you live, you should be happy. Imagine you're entire street, minus you, out with snowblowers at 6am, every day, forever.

jim, don't rub it in, dammit!