Saturday, January 14, 2012

Hello, Dean? You're a stupid head!

Since we remain tangentially on the subject of den Vinteren død,

that black streak bisecting the screen? A clear road. Je sais, je sais, low-hanging seed pods, but I don't host the most thought-provoking site 'round town.

Now, onto vastly more important things.

Let's pretend the season stopped there.

& that the last dozen never started? Anyway, a quarter of a century ago, & I still have my ticket stub. Hibernating in the past doesn't bother me save when it comes to this bloody arena. 5-11s & 4-12s should be rendered unto McKay. 

New Orleans @ San Francisco: The most brick-meet-head bit about these irresistibles vs. immovables is the reheated rehash browns (the other kind, though that might explain some things), of defense + running = victory parades from too many talking hairpieces. Even Phil Anselmo knows NOLA is Barcelona, pass, pass, pass, ZOMG Nawlins only nabs 27/game on the road contra 41/dome. That's still a prorated 436 points, you dumb fucks. Saints 27-20.

The Fucking Broncos @ The Fucking Patriots: 20/20 isn't always hindsight. Safeties sprinting into the box & sprinting back out @snap had more than one pal cranial scratching, if I had any pals. Sure, Tebowmania makes Zombie Al Davis proud, but mad bomber redux won't be enough 'cause Champ-no-more & The Chopped Livers will be joining Ike Taylor on the march to Madame Le Guillotine. The Fucking Patriots 38-24.

Planet Hooston @ The Fucking Ravens: If, if, if. Not you, Columbus. If Schaub, Then Win. Rowdy Yates isn't Clint, nor very rowdy, but doesn't need to be. What needs to be for the home side is the hope that the Good Fu Manchu shows up. I hope not, but know better. The Fucking Ravens 20-13.

The Fucking Giants @ Green Bay: Number 4 has retired from retiring, so stow away your oh-seven delusions, you arrogant fucking burg, there won't be any ill-timed wounded ducks littering the winter Wisconsin skies. Packers 31-19.


Laura said...

When I saw the name "Dean", I thought you were going to talk about Supernatural!
You know how happy I am that Bobby's dead .. right? :P


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I agree, re: Emperor Palpatine versus Tesus.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!




Laura said...

Oh no.
Tengrain, you DID NOT just "whatevs" Randal?

You know he hates that.... :)

zencomix said...

Be careful,man, there's lots of mojo in old ticket stubs.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...


I'll show you a winter walloping.

Randal Graves said...

laura, Frank's an acid nutjob, thus, comical, but you're fucking crazy.

if, the last time the Clowns won a playoff game, that yahoo prowled. Man, that was a ticket fracas of Titanic proportion, didn't get to our seats until two minutes before halftime, then some fuckers were bitching because we would stand up to see over the line of TV cameras. Kept hoping a Stover kick would clock them on the collective skull.

tengrain, shouldn't you be reading emo Strawberry Shortcake fanfic in txt frm, whipper snapper?

zen, not for old Cleveland Browns ticket stubs.

if, what's next, A Marxist Poetics of the Totalitarianism of Verbs?

I knew the NRO cruise wouldn't end well.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

I knew the NRO cruise wouldn't end well.

From yer blog to Cthulhu's ears. (He does have ears, right?)

Beach Bum said...

den Vinteren død

Almost willing to trade places with you, yesterday afternoon I came within thirty minutes of being the same place as Ricky Santorum. I knew something was funny when I walked in and everyone were washing their hands.

The Manning boys, who I often get confused in my little mind, are no longer the subject of my intense hate. Tebow irritates the living shit out of me.

Mauigirl said...

I'm so sorry, Randall, but being from New Jersey, where the Giants actually play (they should really be the Jersey Giants, not NY Giants), I have to go with The Fucking Giants beating Green Bay. I'm not a big NFL fan to begin with but when it comes down to defending the honor of my metro area, I have to root for the hometown team!

Laura said...

Excuse me? Fucking crazy??
That's IT!!!! *angry eyes*

okjimm said...

Maui doesn't know what she is talking about..... Packers by 10... and then we will burn Scott Walker at the goal posts in celebration.

susan said...

Did the city workers spend the day piling up that two inch drift for the news cams?

Randal Graves said...

Dear Green Boy Packers, Inc., you guys had a game yesterday.

Demeur said...

Okay can we say "Die" now? Ditto for the Seapigs.