Tuesday, August 14, 2012

[find a title, nothing too clever]


Not pictured: the Towering Slab.

Mission accomplished. Nephew's getting his baptism on this Sunday, thankfully after footie 'cause I'm selfish like that, which would probably prompt vapors from certain faux Springsteenian working class technocrats who fear Pagans of Distinction catching the Jesus bug yeah I'm looking at you; 'tis about time for a new one-act demanded by no one save yours truly & the Duchess who, being out of towne, cannot assist said truly with working out said interior guffaws in the classroom we call the Slab; & a third thing, a Bloody, inexorable Thing of sepulchral blackness v. rapturous white so unmentionable & unkillable that I cannot mention it here, there, & everywhere except on a Saturnian satellite, probably not Titan because I can't skate.

On the other hand, tomorrow is a holy day of obligation, i.e. "free" food.
On the other other hand, Worldcat is a steaming fecal landfill.
On the other other other rapidly hydra'd hand, look outside. 

Rain! Gloom! Yippee!


BDR said...

Bmpthnx! And just for the hell of it, III suxtoo. But not as much as voyager (not the show, but yes the showtoo).

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Enjoy yer cream cheesed bagels & sugary treats & pizza while you can.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

What is this about free food? Is it all you can eat day at Famous Ray's?



Anonymous said...

I smelt a faux Springsteen working class technocrat the other day. It was like smelling death.

Laura said...

Do you think the church can withstand you entering upon it? Will it not be shaken to it's foundation??

And what's this crap about you not knowing how to skate? You CANNOT live that close to Canada and not know.....


Randal Graves said...

BDR, alack, alack, how that show could have been better.

if, while I can? No worries about a recall; too many chemical preservatives.

tengrain, sweetbreads and finger foods.

karl of the österreich, I don't know about death, I can't see them ever taking a job at Famous Ray's.

laura, I love all of Cthulhu's creatures equally.

After falling on my ass for the 547th time, verily I said 'fuck this' and trod back to land.

Beach Bum said...

I haven't gone to church in years, can't find one where I can properly worship Sofía Vergara. Plus there is the restraining order but I won't go into that.

susan said...

How exciting. The pizza slice bookmark should be nicely matured by now.

S.W. Anderson said...

Clever, work-saving strategy there, Randal, getting your loyal followers to imagine an image of the towering slab. The one I imagine is all steel, glass, concrete and lowest-bidder construction.

Demeur said...

Did someone mention rain? That's liquid sunshine to us.

Nope SW he was just too lazy to do a google image search. Slacker!

Randal Graves said...

BB, dude, just start your own church. You're bound to attract a congregation eventually, even if they're comprised of beer steins and dusty action figures.

susan, so mature we had to call out the national guard.

SWA, don't blame me, I didn't do it. Not sure how much steel there is, plenty of concrete. Think Volgograd, circa 1974.

demeur, too lazy to do my own upload!

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