Thursday, May 20, 2010

Movin' on up

The Graves clan will be relocating soon, and thanks to the trusty real estate skills of a colleague, I believe we now have the perfect place.


Dusty said...

Do you think King James will be moving on up to a better team o wise one?

Demeur said...

If he's smart like Sir Charles he won't answer that.

Randal Graves said...

dusty, yes.

demeur, he's got 49,000 handlers making sure he says nothing about everything. At least we've got the Ind - wait, at least we've got the Bro - aw, shit.

TomCat said...

Are you moving out of Browns country?

susan said...

If you change your mind about moving in we could put some wheels on it and take it with us to Canada. I always dreamed of a shotgun shack.

Holte Ender said...

Move south young man, move south. No teams down here worth dying for. You can worship all things Cleveland from afar.

Tom Harper said...

Ah, the American Dream. Congrats on moving into a bigger house.

Tim said...

Damn it, I'm jealous!!!!
Your dwelling is more than twice the size of what my family lives in now..;) Hope your getting a DOG..
Wow a puppy Graves ;)

David Barber said...

Looks nice Randal. Is it on wheels as it looks slightly off the ground? Looks like a "Waltons" day camper van. Good luck! ;-)

Beach Bum said...

Randal, since you have some idea of my own desire to get the hell out suburban Dodge your picture reminds me of the time I looked at a two-story storage building. It was about 400 square-foot inside and my wife thought I had completely gone off the deep end Ted Kaczynski-style when I said I could fix up it real nice inside to live.

That is until the Home Depot dude in charge of selling those things said he had personally sold eight of them to people with that exact idea in mind.

sunshine said...

To the east side??
To a de-lux apartment in the sky?

Nice shack. Does it come with plumbing and electricity?


Randal Graves said...

tomcat, certainly not. After LeBron leaves, they'll be the most successful team in the city. 5-11!

susan, do I have to own a shotgun?

holte, humidity and I don't get along all that well.

tom, I never said anything about it being bigger.

tim, dogs make too much noise. Cats!

Good night Mom, Good night Pop, Good night David Boy.

BB, I have no doubt that you would have fixed such a place up real nice, but would you have been willing to put in the effort to grow such a scraggly beard?

sunshine, we just use the fire pit and plumbing? That's what the woods are for!

S.W. Anderson said...

Randal, isn't that Ted Kaczynski's old cabin? Might make a great conversation piece, but I see lack of closet and cupboard space being a serious problem.

The linked dwelling sounds like it was made for you. Plus, there's room to turn around in. :)

Ricky Shambles said...

I hear if you trim the bushes around it, it looks bigger. Just sayin'.

As long as you're keepin' it Cleveland, best of luck to you.