Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chain chain chain?

While everyone else is waxing leafy on tea partying -- there are no better Dums, understand that as myth as you understand unicorns & leprechauns & Sasquatch, move on with your life & be glad there's extra entertainment this November to distract you from the Browns' inevitable 1-6 (yes, I'm being generous) start -- I'd like to discuss something of far more import, the aesthetics of arrest.

Thumbs up to frogmarching the corrupt, but chains? What banality.

My suggestion:

Frog legs, frog legs, frog legs so fine
Jail is the place you should dine
There's bread legs, water legs, gruel legs, too
White-collar frog legs, barbecued?
Inmates want a snack so here is the one:
These frog leg burgers are 'a scared straight, hun


Lisa said...

Is this code for telling us to vote the Green Party next time?

Demeur said...

Oh the shame of it all, this would never happen in DC (better lawyers there I guess). And why is it that these guys always seem to be Eyetalians?

Anonymous said...

Chains explained by the bodyweight/girth disparity between The Goombah and the skinny Feeb in the kevlar vest. Feeb is terrified of The Goombah, obviously.

It is big theatre too, but I swear those chains reflect real fears. Probably Feeb-Boy spent too much time as a kid watching the Godfather movies and Goodfellas, and thinks The Goombah is a MacGuyver of sorts.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

I knew you were a false Francophone! Les cuisses de grenouilles!

Do NOT order these at Ray's, by the way. For some reason, they are hairy.



sunshine said...

Have you ever actually eaten Frog's legs??
You would not be including them in your poetry if you had. :)


P.S. I'm thinking some pink feathers around those cuffs would be divine!!! ;p

sunshine said...

P.S. I'm up to 92 Followers now.
Oh! You didn't know we were in a competition???
Well, we were! ;p

In your face Graves!!!!

Randal Graves said...

lisa, no, it's a code to eat frog legs. Sacre bleu!

demeur, sunshine is so gonna kick your ass.

charles, oh hell, now I'm hoping he is the Eyetalian Richard Dean Anderson and will bust his way out of the big house, Hollywood-style. Better get a mullet though, for it offers Samson-like powers.

tengrain, mon dieu! Pour vous, les cuisses de grenouilles de flèche empoisonnée!

sunshine, my poetry? Was the Muppet Movie banned in Canada? There's more to life than Slapshot. :)

Pink feathers? You want poor Jimmy to be everyone's bitch?

Randal Graves said...

Hey, I'd have that many followers if I posted cleavage shots, too.

Tom Harper said...

Hey, wait just a doggone minute here. What are you saying about unicorns & leprechauns & Sasquatch? That, that they don't exist? They're just a legend, like better Democrats?

The rug has just been pulled out from under me.

La Belette Rouge said...

You made Kermit cry.;-)

susan said...

I don't care if they dress them up in Easter Bunny suits but I guess I may never live to see the worst of the worst hippity, hopping to the Federal Pen.

Susan Tiner said...

It's not easy being green.

Beach Bum said...

Okay, what's the deal on frog legs? They taste just like chicken. Add some Tabasco sauce for the froggies, a cold beer, and some fried okra and I'm in soul food heaven.

Dusty,Hells most vocal Bitch said...

Jesus, he doesn't miss any meals does he? In prison he will be dining a lot less and nothing that tastes good either.

Liberality said...

Don't worry Randall--I read only you and not that pink feathery gal with cleavage shots. ;~)

sunshine said...

*Gasp* I didn't even notice until now all the Eyetalian bashing going on within the comments section!!

Yousguys WILL pay. ;p
Oh yeah... yousguys will.

Randal Graves said...

tom, sorry to have shattered your world view, but it's for the best.

LBR, he should run for office. No, wait, he'd only cry more.

susan, you wish to lock up the most patriotic of our American Heroes?

susan t, I hear you. Gangrene is rough.

BB, tabasco? That stuff's awful. Honey mustard is the way to go.

dusty, he also traded favors for sex, just thought you should know.

liberality, you mean I bought these pink feathers for nothing?

sunshine, you'd make a bad hitman, which is good for me!