Friday, September 3, 2010

The Great Leveler

Big bucks with Public Square executions, Ted.

Harrumph. No wonder Ohio's freefall continues unabated. What self-respecting businessman would dare create jobs in a state of cowards?

At least my county's mien is threaded with sartorial bravery.

Off to interview for the waiter position at Famous Ray's.

Nepotism, ice cream's real good, sun's up in the East, down in the West,
no big deal fuhgeddaboutit check out those threads, yo Paulie.

As much as I find Jupiterian (Jupiteresque? Jupitertastic?) jollity in these & other cracker oscillations, I can't say that these smart alecks are incorrect, but I'll let the final, bleak word go to DC United's angriest fan:

Clearly I am not the mediator for the job of uniting crackers and hippies against the financial elite, but say someone emerged, charismatic, eloquent, brilliant, passionate: neither party would endorse him (or her), the media would deride him as a lunatic, tribal dog-whistlers would have both crackers and hippies condemning him as a traitorous motherfucking CINO or HINO respectively, and if he still was succeeding, the elite would have him killed.
And that's why I spend my free time listening to Slayer.


Demeur said...

Oh pashaw! Hasn't the land of burning rivers learned anything over the years? You shoot em first and ask questions later. Dead men can testify.

Looks like Ray's being short of meat will have to serve veggies.

Demeur said...

Darn keyboard I meant can't.

okjimm said...

//why I spend my free time listening to Slayer.//

Also it takes the sting out of watching the Browns play football. Or maybe that is not football that they play. Maybe it's foosball.

okjimm said...

//Dead men can testify.//

Sure they can. Oral Roberts is appearing on the next Glen Beck program.

Tom Harper said...

We need to bring back public executions. That's how you deter crime. The only drawback is, pickpockets have a field day, lifting the wallets of people who are transfixed at the sight of somebody getting executed. But anyway, like I was saying, this is an excellent deterrent to would-be criminals.

Randal Graves said...

demeur, you doubt the awesome power of Zombie Reagan?

okjimm, c'mon, it's not as if our rookie RB tore his ACL last ni - oops.

Oral? Bah, Jimmy Swaggert was real entertaining, especially when he apologized for banging that hooker.

tom, go ahead and pickpocket, I've only two bucks, and that won't even get you a sandwich at Famous Ray's.

La Belette Rouge said...

Sartorial bravery or a blight on those with vision?

S.W. Anderson said...

So, you're saying it's crackers vs. hippies where you are, and if anyone who knows his butt from his bunion comes along he/she gets shot, presumably by the crackers.

This situation is a bit dated, but whatever. What Ohio (and the Senate) needs is another Howard Metzenbaum, clad in a Kevlar vest if that's what it takes.

sunshine said...

Hmmm... is it wrong that I'm diggin the Zebra stripped top?
I'm sorry.. Is my Eye-Talian showing again???


Beach Bum said...

..."legitimate questions" about evidence...

Damn Randal, down here when there is an issue we just make the shit up, get with the program.

Randal Graves said...

LBR, spoken like a typical coastal fashion elite.

SWA, in the national discourse. Sure, I'd wager a decent chunk of it isn't toothless, shotgunning pickup trucksters barreling down the road ready to pick off tuned in, turned off and dropped out deadheads, but the crackers don't see (or don't wish to see) themselves as the ground chuck for the next war against whatever, and the hippies, ever so pragmatic, continue to shout from the rooftops that we only need elect better dums, when in fact, these are creatures as mythical as leprechauns, griffins and Cleveland athletes sporting championship rings.

Thus, nelson muntzing to various and sundry, from my corner at any rate.

sunshine, why did you eye-talians replace swanky Renaissance threads with these hideous ensembles?

BB, I don't think we're as politically advanced as South Carolina. Your state *is* the cutting edge of such chicanery.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Zombie Reagan (is there any other kind), will eat your lunch... at Famous Ray's!



Charles F. Oxtrot said...

You sneaky bastard, you linked to me as if I were in chorus with JRB and opposed to BDR!

I have a few friends in that town of yours on the Lake. Spent a few weekends there in my prior East Coaster lifetime.