Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Over 1900 Wednesdays served

Ever have one of those days where you definitely honestly have negative integer desire to post, but the Illuminati have sent their hollow earth lizard men goons to convince you otherwise & thus you are torn, first figuratively & then literally which is why its a good idea to keep one of those traveling sewing kits nearby, skilled sewer sold separately?

If said covert organization -- no, not the skilled sewer & I, though if we were, we certainly wouldn't tell you, otherwise there goes the secret & all the attendant perks & benefits -- were under threat from Iran, would Hussein X sell them 60 billion in arms or simply send on a strafing run John Bolton's moustache which is imbued with magical properties?

Since this is true & a pox upon ye house if ye believe otherwise, heathen, does this, by extension, prove the efficacy above all of the fu manchu or does the Rollie Fingers have a say & before ye scoff recall that he went into relief pitching solely because he recognized the great difficulty inherent in the power/responsibility dynamic?

Burnoutman, Burnoutman,
Does whatever a burnout can!
Smokes a bowl, any size,
Catches chips just like flies!
Look Out!
Here comes the Burnoutman!*

*I mean burnout in the 'fuck this blogging gig' sense, but these revamped lyrics are far catchier than what I originally had, plus, stoners, hardee har har.

And now for something completely different.

Old craft celebrating the November release of the new LP from America's finest. It's the little things that keep each year from being a perfect copy of all the other mediocre batches of 365.

P.S. I see the plague hath mercy on no man.


Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Is that an ode to bedbugs?



Susan Tiner said...

I have no idea what you're talking about most of the time but love the way you mess with words.

"negative integer desire to post" reminds me of n where n is a very small integer.

sunshine said...

Love the scenery in the video. Goes along great with the music. :)

I'd comment on the rest of your post but I have a 5 year old who needs his bum wiped. Sorry! :)


BDR said...

Bump thanks.

Found the goods in a different pile of CDs than I thought they'd be. Burn tomorrow, mail Friday.

Randal Graves said...

tengrain, expect a visit from the lizard men this evening.

susan t, what's the square root of negative i?

sunshine, what did I tell everyone, classiest comment threads around. Not enough blood though.

BDR, you're the Spiderman of music biz anti-profit.

Tom Harper said...

Yes, all patriotic Americans must agree that Iran is a huge threat. They're sooo dangerous, we'll all be speaking Farsi soon. It will be futile to resist.

That really is some cool scenery in that video. Or as our future Iranian Masters would say:

این ویدیو خیلی خوب است.

Lisa said...

I dig that vid.

And yes, yes I do.

susan said...

I like your way with words and hope you don't stop blegalizing either - so there.

Rollie Fingers was my favorite pitcher and not just because of his name. In spite of appearances I do know the difference between a fast ball and a slider.

Beach Bum said...

Everytime I see John Bolton on television I can't help but wonder what color the sky is on his planet.

Demeur said...

Bedbugs? Lizard men? Is it time for the zombies yet? Just how many variations of evil can you come up with? That Hallo of days is coming. Right up your alley although I think I'll take the main road thank you very much.

Randal Graves said...

tom, هوی متال موسیقی شیطان است.

lisa, first Opeth, now these guys? Now you gotta show us your berserker metal face.

susan, okay, between you and Lisa, my carefully-constructed world view is beginning to crumble.

BB, obviously orange. It takes a certain chemical mixture to get a soup strainer that impressive.

demeur, the problem with killer bugs is that spraying them simply isn't as fun as blasting off zombie heads with a 12 gauge.

Susan Tiner said...

Yes, an imaginary number desire to post is interesting to think of. If you square it you get a negative integer desire so the imaginary number desire must smaller.