Friday, May 27, 2011


Work, the ritual that doth angry up the blood.

Food, that sustaineth a vigorous constitutional.

A good walk, unspoilt. Sleeping lens, so reenactment.

Blooze & paper chaser. Hiding, putrescence penned.


thatgirl said...

Dante and Randal are wearing the Colors of Power. Look at how much good it did them.

Might as well stick with the monochrome as it becomes all good subcultural Parmastanis.

Totally rocked 'Dirt' on the way to Common Grounds tonight.

Beach Bum said...

Food, that sustaineth a vigorous constitutional.

My Doc told me recently I needed to loose some weight in order to get my blood pressure under control without having to take pills. After the appointment I drove completely by instinct to the nearest Burger Clown and found my wondering about what gym I could afford as I woofed down a freaking Big Mac.

Got a lot of work to do.

S.W. Anderson said...

Dramatic presentation there, kind of nice. Your title, however, is probably only of use to your Greek readers (I'm guessing).

Randal Graves said...

thatgirl, mais au contraire, Duchess, did they not eventually own & operate the Quick Stop? This surely means we are future library royalty.

Oh yeah, that whole sellout thing. Better stick with black.

Dirt, it cures what ails ya.

BB, sometimes you just have to have that greasy lump of dead cow.

Took another walk this morning, now I'm deciding whether to have something healthy or not for breakfast.

SWA, even shlubs have to keep up the illusion of being interesting for the legions of adoring fans.

Back on planet earth, it's catharsis in Greek, which I had to look up because hell, I can barely speak English, let alone a language that dares to not use the Latin alphabet.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Beach Bum, I lost weight and still had to take pills...then other pills...then some other pills...

Believe me, if you can get away with just losing weight, that's the way to go.

Laura said...

Are you taking pictures of your teevee now???

Obviously, I've been gone far too long....