Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Foggy mountain breakdown

Relax, it's not another mopey faux-artiste post & the crowd goes wild. Was foggy during this morn's wheelie bus wait, but the unauthorized assembly of suspended water drops is the future of our beloved Cadavaliers, now sporting the fourth &, thanks to Tyche criminally fleecing the Donald Sterlings (Our Rasputin's a tradable commodity you have my permission to execute me for the econ talk & it's the future King of Cleveland's loot not mine) the first.

As the young people say, huh?

Two picks IN the Top FOUR yOU can't screw ThiS UP!

I've already made clear my slight disdain for choosing a guy with eleven college games under his belt, though in the interest of full disclosure I really fucking loathe Duke, but the idea of point being a strength (Razor Ramon!) is moot since the czarist cult's not long for this sordid little hunk of rust unless he mopes more than I & what are the odds of that (Avogadro's number) & 19-63 is nyet position to base things on need, like a wing player, thanks for going back to school Harrison Barnes everyone loves fat loot you should too, fucking doofus.

Anyway, Irving's not chopped goose liver of course & perhaps he can superstar surprise, but what's not a surprise is that the Cavs are going to call his name. Being rabbit quick with defenses no longer able to slap silly is a marble check mark in his favor in a draft devoid of a Tim Duncan or Chris Paul maybe I simply hate Duke, yeah, that's probably it.

First & fourth is better than no pick & Jiri Welsch.

Now I feel like moping.


Demeur said...

To borrow a phrase from Tengrain:

Graves you swine!
At least you have a team to insult and bash. They could have landed the Louisville Lunkheads ya know.

okjimm said...

"Now I feel like moping." Well I spilled a beer in the kitchen...come on over, lotta moping going on.

ps. bring pretzel and your own basketball team.

Randal Graves said...

demeur, normally, I'd be rooting for a team like OKC,
but being
the product of thievery, I can't.
At least you got one year of Durant?

okjimm, those precious, precious hops. Do you have spicy mustard?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

What, we're not supposed to mope about econ today? Good thing you hit my place before I got around to putting up my latest bit of econ mopery.

P.S. Demeur, you do realize that Tengrain's interest rates are very high, don't you?

Jim H. said...

Again, an intersect. I always say you can tell a man by which teams he hates: the 'Boys, the Yanks, and the Devils being on the PC list 3-2-1.

'Course, I come by my dook loathing naturally, being a Tarheel born and bred and schooled. Yesssss, Harrison Barnes. Oh, and did you hear about PJ Hairston switching from the evils to Blue Heaven? Yesssss and yesssss again.

Kryie? Over-rated? Injury-prone? or the next Kobe? Good luck, Cavs.

thatgirl said...

Quit your moping knave, the sun hath hid itself from thine eyes and now the doomy clouds settle upon the Towering Slab once more.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

I don't need fog to feel mopey. Today I'm really mopey and after this comment, I'm going into total mope seclusion. Maybe I should rent a fog machine for effect. Sigh...

Randal Graves said...

if, talking econ makes me mopey. Oh shit, there goes my shot at making the board of Goldman Sachs or hanging out at the IMF.

jim, unless you're from a particular town or region, it's simply bad form to root for certain teams.

No way for a third party to say just how true that kid's story is, but if so, well, perhaps all the sub-recruiters' brains mutated from trying to spell Krzyzewski, The Greatest Basketball Coach In The History Of Western Civilization, ad nauseum.

thatgirl, this cloude of blykenesse hath fyred me to composeth a sparklie doggerel to the sonne and lyons and serpents and dronk gods of auncient Greece, and bowers of flowers.

nunly, probably a bad idea because aren't fog machines required by law to be used for cheesy arena rock shows?

Tom Harper said...

"As the young people say, huh?"

Or as old people say: "Eh? What? What?"

S.W. Anderson said...

What did Duke ever do to you?

susan said...

That's very nice fog. As I'm becoming quite the connoisseur of fog my next project may be to codify the 99 names of the stuff as it's referred to by native Haligonians. There would be more than 99 but I prefer not to use the ones that contain profanity. Everybody already knows them.

Beach Bum said...

...I really fucking loathe Duke,


My son is leaning towards going there in three years if he gets accepted. Excuse me now, I have scratch-off lottery cards to check out, got to pay for that shit somehow.

Randal Graves said...

tom, how about getting off someone's lawn, sir.

SWA, exist.

susan, 99 Fogballons?

BB, boo! hiss! hiss! He's not gonna play hoops, is he?