Wednesday, May 4, 2011

You get off my lawn!

You get off my lawn!*

*Originally filed to be saved for an "important" as-yet-unwritten-&-conceived of post, but pulled out as a visual missive to myself today of all days, a day as "important" as all the rest, whose planetary energy [ed. note: too new age-y, find something bloodier to keep up appearances dance monkey dance] is concentrating itself upon those rewrites & coming up with song titles & concepts for not one, but two, imaginary bands, making our own fun at work & all that jazz, though neither are jazz because that's a genre that, though not hated, doesn't move the entrails, hey overlords, location? Unchanging

[I can't see you]

entirely my fault & a bunch of not-invisible ink, excised for multiple reasons not the least of which is chaining down those words dying to vanish.

Now, how 'bout I soft shoe 

to celebrate giving myself a medal in secret, Typing Mirror Test, First Class.

Should've saved this, too, but 9+ for you? Who's fooling who? Not I, decorated.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Grass, you say?

okjimm said...

//doesn't move the entrails//

... try some Electric Prunes

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice link, okjimm. And I can't help but add youtube's sidebar suggestion:

The Seeds - Pushin' Too Hard

We think it's gassy!

thatgirl said...

Concerning unlighted candles on the altar, organs, church-musick, and other popish-like and foppish ceremonies,

I bring thee:

The routing of the Ranters, being a full relation of their uncivil carriages, and blasphemous words and actions at their mad meetings, their several kind of musick, dances, and ryotings, and their belief and opinions concerning heaven and hell.

With their examinations taken before a justice of peace, and a letter or summons sent to their sisters or fellow creatures in the name of the Divel, requiring them to meet Belzebub, Lucifer, Pluto, and twenty more of the infernall spirits at the time and place appointed. Also, a true description how they may be known in al companies and the names of the chief ring-leaders of this new generation that excell all others in wickednesse.


okjimm said...

IfThunder... HA! good add on... but we best stop least Randall think wez making me the butt of some joke!

Randal Graves said...

if, Chuckles is more than welcome to cut my lawn. In fact, to lessen the damage done by congress, I hereby declare all duties of said august body null and void save landscaping. A tortured garden, less painful than tortured else.

okjimm, prunes are good, dammit.

Being an accomplish'd lady takynge delight in preseruing manuscriptoria, the Kynge's Brewe and the discouerie of scurvy alchimie, be it known upon diuerse blessings profitable to Queen and countree, hath approued a potable physick & balm gainst thatgirl's Divels and His playnly fatall lieutenants that crawl from the Pit with various chiurgeries, the second part being a lookynge glasse descriptiue of Mammon, Sorcellerie & Hindoo tales, a warnynge to right and troo oculists.

Liberality said...

chaining down those words dying to vanish

when you get that figured out let me know as I have some thoughts that need fixin' as well.

Hope you had fun on
Walpurgisnacht! :)

Tom Harper said...

"planetary energy" -- I knew you were one of them New Age tofu gazers. Yer busted.

Beach Bum said...

but two, imaginary bands, making our own fun at work & all that jazz

Totally cool! Seriously half the time I'm at work I am imaging myself some out of the way tropical place like Cuba or St. Vincent. Send those bands my way and we can have a concert, I'll even buy the beer and tequila.

Randal Graves said...

liberality, for free? How can I expect to win the future without either loot or a pile of dead bodies upon which my flag is planted?

tom, bust out the stash, let's listen to some Dead, man.

BB, I think a prog stoner sludge doom death outfit would scare off tropic cancerians.