Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The past squawks like a blue jay*

No Lysol's the real syndrome in Stockholm.

*almost had you in my sights, noisy little bastard

Memory lane's overgrown with naked birch slowly greening beneath Byzantine sky, peeling away until Derrida in the face, but since self-gatekeeping leaves out all the pageturners (good thing that never happens these days whew [ed. note: liar]), what's left is the banality you're foolish enough to read each day, doubly saved am I because that album, out ten years ago Sunday though the living hackwork it helped soundtrack was written 700 days hence give or take, already got the treatment (even more whew [ed. note: lazy bum]) & apologies for turgid prose still drowning in faux pomposity (I should be drawn & quartered [ed. note: agreed]), funny how easy it is to laugh at oneself because otherwise its head chickening the nearest brick. Today's me is gonna be gutbusting to tomorrow's.

Chrome, I remember [censored]

If I Transpire [censored]

Don't flic that Bic, there's Sulfur [censored]

Unquestionable (perhaps, a gang of fellow Swedes is scowling) that since its release, I've spun this more than any other platter, but would I spin it right now in space-time, since teenage twenty-something late twenty-something angst is less (slightly) mainly because it's the late thirties, I'm penning (crap, but penning's the ink's knees regardless), seriously jonesing on some old tunes new to me thanks homie but this album will be there after the inevitable burning crash to reality in five, four, three, two, one.


Anonymous said...

The past is from Toronto?

(hangs head in shame - bad pun variant)

I watched an interesting Swedish vampire movie last night: Let The Right One In. No swede-metal in the sound loops though.

On that note I like Refused!

okjimm said...

The Past Squawks Like a Blue Jay? I thought that was a Hitchcock film... with Peter Lorre and Donna Reed... you know... where Donna is in the bathtub and Peter Lorre is looking at her with Binoculars and Jimmy Stewart is knocking on the door, cause,see, he's a mailman,so he knocks twice... and then Cary Grant, who is mistaken for someone else, receives a letter that is post marked five years ago.. goes to the Empire State Building to meet Meg Ryan... and then... say, do you know if the film is available on DVD or do fI have to buy a BluRay thingee to watch it?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Seeing as I wasn't around here back in 2007, I'm doing research on the internets in order to post the proper comment.

In the meantime, if it's good enough for youtube, it's good enough for me:

this song is fucking dope katatonia rules
TheCloot1 3 years ago 75


Randal Graves said...

karl of the österreich, you just made Cito Gaston cry.

Dammit, I've yet to see that flick, and by all accounts, a fantastic movie soon to be butchered in an American remake.

You punk!

okjimm, you need to fly a biplane into a cornfield, then get out to walk your dog past tourists shooting federal buildings for Al-Qaeda, Jr.

if, it's not merely dope, but also fly & the bomb.

Nunly said...

I made it through 39 seconds of the first one...4 seconds of the second one,, which sounded an awful lot like the first song. And I managed to get through 43 seconds of the last song.

I think when you get older you get Musical ADHD. I want instant gratification or forget it. Or, maybe I just have to be high to listen to music anymore. yeah..that's the ticket. :-)

Randal Graves said...

You damn whipper snappers with your twitters and look-shiny-object attention spans. Pshaw!

Tom Harper said...

Aren't you a little old to still be listening to that heavy metal?

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Aren't you a little old to still be listening to that heavy metal?

Dig the drum solo! part the first.

Now we can rock

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...


Ha! That brought back some memories! Every garage band in the neighborhood played that song. Just like it was yesterday....sigh.

Randal Graves said...

tom, you're only as young as you fe - shit.

if, I love I. Ron Butterfly.

nunly, you're the key demographic for K-Tel's Freedom Rock.

susan said...

As a very lazy person when it comes to writing I love reading your lengthy music review posts. You're still right in your view that complex pieces take time to make the necessary neuronal connections. I'm still waiting for those Swedes to stop scowling at me.

Mary Ellen/Nunly said...

Randal- Hey, I love that hippie dude in the beginning of that commercial. I think I might have dated him once...back in those hazy daze of drugs...er, enlightenment.

Demeur said...

And like Charlie Brown with Lucy holding the football I fall for it once again.

That's it I think I can catch a Mozart concert on WCLV if I can find the right plug ins for the media player.

Beach Bum said...

What Nunly said:
I think when you get older you get Musical ADHD.

I caught myself listening to John Tesh while I was folding clothes last weekend. Yes, I'm not so slowly devolving into an elevator music listener, and liking it.

thatgirl said...

since there's no one in the Tower of Doom, I can listen at low volume and would humbly request this tuneage for the sake of the Peonage everywhere...

Randal Graves said...

susan, I think perhaps Sweden, like the rest of the industrialized West, is beginning to not trust Canada as much as before.

nunly, I bet you turned it up. Groan.

demeur, oh come now, sir, this is probably the mellowest rock and/or roll stuff I play.

BB, sir! Thou art excommunicated from suburban crackerdom!

thatgirl, no Masters of Fate, not a one? Here's your chance to bring down the system from within via carefully placed slacker bombs and Molotov grimaces.