Friday, February 19, 2010

Don't call it a comeback

Yes, I had imaginary liaisons with multiple ladies. I regret that this happened and am looking towards a future being miserable. No further comment.


Cormac Brown said...

I guess this is CBS's way of telling you, "there's your 'American Splendor.'"

Mary Ellen said...

Well, I guess that explains why you're so damned cranky all the time. I'm referring to the imaginary liaisons with multiple ladies,not living in Cleveland, of course.

Hire Me said...

I would think it would be the ladies who would be miserable after liaisons with you.

Übermilf said...

Sorry. That was me.

CJT said...

I had no idea you regretted our little fling... (sigh) well at least you can write more about your miserable life to come.

MRMacrum said...

I dunno, I always considered Buffalo and Dayton more miserable than Cleveland. But then I live in Maine. We don't get out a lot.

La Belette Rouge said...

I love any post with the tag "Doug Henning". hey, could you use your Doug Henning magic to make sports disappear?;-)
p.s. My book about our liaison will be in bookstores in March.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Be a sport, it's what Tiger would do.



susan said...

Shazam! Doug just changed Cleveland into Boulder, CO. Are you happy now?

okjimm said...

Fore !~ Play!~

Randal Graves said...

cormac, as long as they continue to air my miserable Browns, I won't be so miserable.

nunly, it's tiring, lemme tell ya.

übermilf's third (fourth?) 99 cent disguise, well, duh.

übermilf, well, duh.

CJT, we had a fling? Didn't you tell me to sleep on the couch?

mrmacrum, I can't speak for Buffalo, but Dayton does have Wright-Patterson, and that's where they keep part of the Roswell evidence. Keep watching the blogs!

LBR, sure, right after I make fashion disappear. ;-)

I hope the book doesn't contain swearing.

tengrain, I am Tiger Woods. Sadly, I don't have his bank account.

susan, I like the scenery, but do I have to take up skiing?

okjimm, ha!

Demeur said...

Look at the bright side Randal at least the river doesn't catch fire or does it?

Beach Bum said...

Randal you could always move down to South Carolina. We have all the honorable and intelligent politicians down here.

Holte Ender said...

I could advise you to move to my town, but the only thing that would improve is the weather. Look at it this way - No. 1 Baby, Cleveland is No. 1.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Come to San Jose -- we have all the bad governance of Cleveland and none of the snow! We have a hockey team of some note, and our corrupt mayor and city council are asking for municipal employees to take a 15% paycut so that they can offer a billionaire a bribe to move his baseball team here!

You'd love it here!



Tom Harper said...

Cleveland is America's Most Miserable City?

The people of Stockton, CA are demanding a re-do. They might even file a lawsuit. Stockton is the world's most miserable city. This proud title is all these people have. Please don't take it away from them.

Tengrain said...

Graves, your Swinage, I present to you yet more confirmation that Cleveland sucks.

You can thank me later.



Demeur said...

But Tengrain we don't know the way to San Jose. Isn't that in Kalifornia? Hell that whole state is broke and beyond repair.

Dr. Zaius said...

Your press conference might go a lot better if your fingers were rounded off a little bit. Nobody has fingers that are that square! ;o)

CJT said...

Yo the folks in stockton don't have nothin on me... I live in UTAH - need I say anything more???

Randal - if I recall the only reason I told you to sleep on the couch is because I thought it might make for some interesting new positions, the bed was getting boring.

Randal Graves said...

demeur, no, but we have had a few grimy spills of recent vintage. The tap water in Tijuana might be safer.

BB, very true. If any state is a shining example of the best of American political life, it's South Carolina.

holte, and it's about damn time, too! I'm so proud, we worked really hard to make this dream happen.

tengrain, I like snow. But, since I also like sports, I'm of course more than willing to take a paycut so another billionaire doesn't have to steal from himself.

tom, maybe the fine folks of Stockton should have tried a bit harder to be miserable. Import more snow.

tengrain, we made it to the other side of the planet, this calls for a celebration. Should I drink more?

demeur, but more sports! As long as someone is making money.

dr.zaius, oh, but how effective they are. Remember Oddjob? He needed a hat to slice and dice. Moi? No such chapeau.

CJT, but you've got magic underpants! And hell, might as well try the dining room table, too.