Wednesday, April 6, 2011

L'Éducation sentimentale

My sentiments exactly 

are what I do/whilst watching Chelsea-Man U.

Still, rhyme or no, cranial goo competitively turned to ooze sure beats sniffing the glue that helps the damned shuffle in, through & out la bibliothèque. Translate-O-Matic: I'm using vacation time (remember: all that glue), so, so long, suckers (soon) on day two & next week, too & both these teams can fuck off.

Rock chalk JaySchalke

As an impartial neutral, I can only hope the recent Inter-esting stench continues apace -- not that the "Germans" (Raúl!) played Katy-bar-the-door; 7-5 either way with more pointy pin passes. Sure, a good chess match's enjoyable as a fine wine, but blitzkrieg bopping with wild hooch ain't, like hell, a bad place to be.

P.S. No, I didn't forget about tiki-taka & Soviet breadbaskets. See: Tottenham.


BDR said...

As long as mucking Fadrid doesn't win.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Ahh, Vintage Bon Scott.

Speakers to 11, people (if they aren't there already). If you're planning on playing both videos at once (and who isn't?), wait about a minute for Randal's introduction to end.

Anonymous said...

Bon Scott always sang like a man who was curling into a fetal position while suffering from a strong burning sensation, which I admired.

Randal Graves said...

BDR, frankly, too disturbing a thought to contemplate.

if, both videos? A bit early in the day to start shrooming, no?

karl, crabs n' crayfish.

okjimm said...

hey.... is the hockey season still going on?

David Barber said...

Shrek's off to Real Madrid in the summer so there'll be no more abusive language shouted at a camera. He's an overpaid, underworked, granny shagging tosser! I bet he'd like the old woman giving the finger from one of your old posts. Haha!!

Man U for an away win tonight, mate!

susan said...

Having no clue about football on either continent all I can do is wish you happy vacation. You did say that, didn't you?

S.W. Anderson said...

Yes, happy vacation, plenty of good sports, food, drink, naps — enjoy. Just don't get caught embracing clarity, being married with children and all. :)

Tom Harper said...

"...sang like a man who was curling into a fetal position while suffering from a strong burning sensation," LOL. Great description.


Beach Bum said...

Sure, a good chess match's enjoyable as a fine wine...

I don't know, those chess geeks may look all stable and refined but its always the quiet ones. The video game geeks always fizzy out after the Mountain Dew caffeine is burned up in their systems and after that all they want is to watch porn.

Randal Graves said...

okjimm, it's almost playoff time, why do you insist on making Baby Gretzky cry?

david, you called it, but you being a blind homer, I'm not sure I trust your predictive acumen!

Is it me, or has Torres been replaced by a rust-bitten automaton? Why he stayed on instead of Drogba, I've no clue.

susan, only partial, scooting out early enough to get home and plop me arse in front of the telly.

SWA, home IS clarity: everyone there not me is fucking nuts, swear.

tom, heh, he nailed it. That's why we love Bon.

BB, you've been suffering another "my house is home of the neighborhood XBOX marathon' haven't you. Might I suggest heavy drinking?

Dr. Zaius said...

I would like to register as a conscience objector.