Sunday, March 16, 2008

Fashionable Male

"Of course I'm a slob, ya bastard!"

Mathman and DCup have invented a meme associated with something near and dear to my heart: the t-shirt. Why dress up when you can dress down like a bum, I always say. Hey, if clothes made the man, then evil rich fuckers preening in their sartorial Armanis would be the bestest men ever.

I must also concur with his observation that we're seeing more kids wearing AC/DC shirts now than back in their late 70s/early 80s heyday. Zeppelin, too. Normally it would bring a tear to this bastard's eye if the young people were indeed jonesing for heavy duty power chording, but alas, I fear perhaps it's merely an infection of snarky indie rock-itis. I hate kids, so I don't feel like asking them.

But I'll be damned if I tell you guys what's in my closet. The feds might be watching. I mean, it's just full of shirts, man, I swear. No, that suit isn't mine, I don't know how it got there.

The rockin' rules:

1. Link back to the original post.
2. Describe two t-shirts that you own.
3. If you design your own vanity t-shirt what would it say?
4. Where would you wear your vanity t-shirt?
5. Tag three of your best blogging buds.

Le premier t-shirt:

Because they rule, fuckers.

Le deuxième t-shirt:

Damn right I'm proud to be an alumnus of such a prestigious institution.

No, I don't have gills, stop staring, dammit.

There's not much to describe aside from the above photos. The top shirt is black, the bottom one is a dark green. They've held up well through repeated washings, so the stitching seems to be top notch, an important factor when one browses for such a wardrobe cornerstone.

As for my own vanity t-shirt, perhaps something like this:

Since there's no vulgarity -- or anything -- I can wear it anywhere, even work. I suppose I could try and come up with something clever, but that would require thinking on a Sunday morning and later on lead to people trying to converse with me when I wasn't wearing headphones, and why the hell would I want that?

Becca, FranIAm, Function of Time, consider yourself tagged.


Betty C. said...

Thank god you didn't tag me. This seems insanely complicated! It's hard enough to decide what to wear to work...

Swinebread said...

"I must also concur with his observation that we're seeing more kids wearing AC/DC shirts now than back in their late 70s/early 80s heyday. Zeppelin, too."

weird, I haven't noticed that...

Angie said...

Being an OLD punk, I cringe at all the new Clash, Ramones, Misfits, etc. t-shirts on kids who bought their wears at the mall. I think I would just cry and cry if I asked one of them about Joe Strummer, Joey Ramone or Glenn Danzig. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe they do know and maybe they do really listen to those bands on their iPods.

Mary Ellen said...

Man, you're a lot older than I thought. You went to college in 1765? I'm impressed, for an old guy, you like some weird shit music. ;-)

Freida Bee said...

This goes along with Splotchy's doodle of Ennui (which he left blank,) but in black instead of white. Hmmm.

Mathman6293 said...


Thanks for playing along. I promise I will do that other meme. But no power still, you know.

The other day I had my new Zeppelin shirt under my polo and one of the kids had the same shirt on as me.
I am I cool or old?

Mary Ellen said...

mathman6293- The way I figure it, those who were around when Zeppelin first started out, bought their records (yeah....records, NOT CD's), THEY ARE THE COOL ONES!

The younger one's who are listening to Zeppelin now, they are just followers of the cooler generation. That's my take on it. :-)

Randal Graves said...

betty, it is indeed hard to decide which t-shirt to wear to work. ;-)

swinebread, maybe it's a midwest thing. And I almost tagged you, but saw that you had just posted a meme. Don't want to be swamped with these things!

angie, I figure as long as they're legitimate, true fans, that's cool. Can't blame them for being born in 1990. Of course, my feelings might change as I'm starting to notice that I'm not among the younger portion of many of the shows I go to.

ME, hey, that's when the college was founded. I graduated in '95. 1895. ;-) And Scandinavian death metal isn't weird!

FB, you know I love me some ennui. Wait. That made no sense.

mathman, dude, memes are the least of your worries, just glad you suckers are still among the living.
And you should think of it as both. Sure, there's an age thing, but come on, Zeppelin will always rule.

ME, does that also apply to Beethoven? :-)

Liberality said...

as for the younger kids liking the older music, hey I like that better than the crap they listen to now. my son has recently become a Doors fan and our music has walked off to perhaps never return ;D

Mary Ellen said...


Now, how did you know I was a personal friend of Ludwig? Man, I can tell you stories about that guy that would make you pee your Spiderman underpants.

Becca said...

Miskatonic Randal rules! And I know you are hiding those gils somewhere...perhaps under your cool t-shirt?

Randal Graves said...

liberality, spoken like a true parent. ;-) But you might want to investigate that Doors theft, lest you never listen to them again. Though there is that giant box set...

ME, who says I wear underpants?

becca, the only place to have them! If they're on the neck, one has to wear turtlenecks, and let me tell you, that gets quite uncomfortable in the summer!

My Inner French Girl said...

And the other advantages are that your shirt is so slimming and goes with everything!

My own T-shirt would say something like, "It takes a certain amount of intelligence to be this stupid." A friend and I thought we would market this, but laziness won out in the end.


Candace said...

Too bad you didn't tag me with this one, Randal, 'cause then I could have mentioned the VERY COOL T-Shirt my hubster gave me - he had it custom-made. It says [drum roll]...


Anonymous said...

t-shirts are awesome and are the official uniform for the person who works from home.

Randal Graves said...

marjorie, that's the problem with laziness. Even if one has a good idea and knows that he or she is lazy, he or she is also too lazy to find someone who isn't lazy to help them fabricate this idea in the real world. I'd curse laziness, but I'm too lazy.

candace, aw shit, that's a great t-shirt! Post on it anyway!

fot, I've seen t-shirts made up to look like tuxedos, so I'm surprised there haven't been t-shirts made up to look like workshirts.

FranIAm said...

I am a little slow - plus you know all my tshirts say shit like "jayzus loves you" or "jerks for jeebus" and crap like that, so I need to think about the best presentation.

I wish I still had that t-shirt with the boobs on front. damn.

Randal Graves said...

If you have a shirt that says "jerks for jeebus," I want to see it! And the one with the boobs, bien sûr.