Monday, March 10, 2008

"I'm a white male age eighteen to forty-nine fifty-nine, everyone listens to me!"

Instead of coming up with my own introduction to the predictions below, I humbly suggest you check out Anthony Cartouche's write-up for a much more detailed and interesting explanation. But for now, the lazy man version:

A local classic rock station has started announcing the inductees to their own 'rock hall' -- The Hall of Fame of the People, dammit! -- voted on by the hard-workin', middle-aged, blue-collar listeners of Northeast Ohio, all with the chance to win a Wii, which is what all hard-workin', middle-aged, blue-collar listeners want. Gotta do something while jamming to The Wall, no?

The inductees so far:
1. Led Zeppelin
2. The Beatles
3. Pink Floyd
4. The Rolling Stones
5. Eric Clapton

My predictions:
6. AC/DC
7. The Who
8. Boston
9. Van Halen
10. ZZ Top


Frederick said...

We want Jim Morrison, we want Jim Morrison!

okjimm said...

Lists are stupid. But if they were not,

Captain Beefheart
John Mayall
The Faces
The Zombies
Savoy Brown
Wishbone Ash

Mary Ellen said...

Led Zeppelin
Jimmi Hendrix
The Who

Anonymous said...

I am so un-cool in this department, but you still like me right?

fairlane said...

Dead Kennedys
Circle Jerks
The Germs
Wang Chung

b said...

I think your predictions sound pretty right on, but I fear I am limited where music appreciation is concerned. I love music, I appreciate it, but my comparative knowledge, etc. is weak.

Rock on. Get that Wii, you wannabe blue-collar Ohioan!! :)

Dean Wormer said...


Spinal Tap.

"You can't really dust for vomit."

Mary Ellen said...

I was also going to add Weezer, but wasn't sure if I'm the only one who listens to them anymore. I forgot about Dead Kennedys, too...but fairlane remembered them. I also like Phish, but that's kinda local and you have to be higher than a kite to enjoy them.

My Inner French Girl said...

Ooo, I second Dean. Spinal Tap!

And Boston. But only because of "Amanda," the most un-Boston song of all the Boston songs.

Obviously, my knowledge of rock and roll is pretty weak.


Mary Ellen said...

Hey, where is Randal today? He must have the day off. I'll bet he's running around naked while chasing his wife. You'd think he'd rather be blogging. Sheesh.

Mathman6293 said...

I agree with all ten you have up there. But if fairlane wants wang chung. I say Stone Temple Pilots.

susan said...

Jeff Beck
Mothers of Invention
Sex Pistols
R. Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders

5 more reasons why I wear an i-pod at work.

Freida Bee said...

The Bee Gees
Gloria Gaynor
Whoever sings that "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt" song.

Oh wait, that was the list I heard on my area's quirky radio banter. Top five gayest bands/ artists. (Really.)

Randal Graves said...

frederick, oh shit, that's not a bad choice. But we must remember, this isn't a list of what WE want, but what the average classic rock listener wants.

okjimm, only Traffic and the Kinks really get played - and barely at that - on that station. And lists are one of the greatest inventions of all time! Blasphemy!

me, some of those are already one there, though. ;-)

fot, uncool? I listen to metal, the red-headed stepchild of music. Don't worry, you're still groovy.

fairlane, I guarantee that the only band on your list that maybe, maybe, has been played on this station at one point was Wang Chung. Maybe. Maybe.

b, I guess I don't know my classic rock listeners as well as I thought. #6 was The Eagles! And the contest is long over, so no Wii for me.:(

dean, "It's very pretty." "This piece is called Lick My Love Pump."

me, no Weezer on this station either.

marjorie, I'm just trying to think of what gets played a lot because apparently, that's what the people dig since they still listen, damn Clear Channel corporate crap.

me, I DID have the day off but I was recuperating from shoveling by doing absolutely nothing. ;-)

mathman, I don't think STP got played, certainly not Sex Type Thing, because the only bad word that corporate radio allows that I can recall is "bullshit" in Pink Floyd's Money.

susan, you can't go wrong with that. I just have my CDs burned on my hard drive. The classical station is about the only one I'll listen to.

FB, Right Said Fred! And wait. Andrew Ridgley is gay? With those crushing power chords?

fairlane said...

Sounds like a shitty station.

okjimm said...

Ya, what Fairlane said, sounds like a shitty radio station. It is why god invented CD players for cars!

Randal Graves said...

Exactly. When I want to get my Zeppelin on, I have their albums on CD. And I'm permitted to listen to something other than Whole Lotta Love if I so choose.

Democracy. *sniff* She's beautiful, ain't she.

Tom Harper said...

I like all the groups listed in your post except one: Boston?? God I hated that group.

Lots of excellent choices in the comments.

Instead of a list, I'm just gonna name 2 unknown/forgotten '60s groups who were playing heavy metal a long time before the term was invented:

The Music Machine. Anyone who could listen to "Talk Talk" on the car radio without doing drum solos on the dashboard and the steering wheel, was a better man than I.

13th Floor Elevators. Their song "You're Gonna Miss Me" was part of the "High Fidelity" soundtrack. Sounded sort of like the early Rolling Stones but much much harder rocking.

Snave said...

If we are talking about NE Ohio, does that include Dayton? If it does, how could we ignore Robert Pollard and Guided By Voices! Well, they're one of my all-time favorite bands, anyway, from 1997 up until the time they split up a couple years ago.

I could make a case for any of the following:

Velvet Underground/Lou Reed
Neil Young
Warren Zevon
Led Zeppelin
Rolling Stones
The Beatles
Pink Floyd
Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention
The Who
Bob Dylan
Yo La Tengo
Van Morrison
Split Enz/Crowded House/Neil Finn
Brian Eno
Van Halen
Todd Rundgren
King Crimson/Robert Fripp

Speaking of REM, I have my tickets to the Sasquatch Music Festival this May at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington, and REM is one of the headliners! I have always wanted to see them, so I'm pretty excited.

dguzman said...

Oh hello -- what about a little band called HEART? They effin' RAWK.

The obligatory Clear Channel classic rock station in our town plays a TON of Led Zep, but they actually do branch out and play more than just Whole Lotta Love. We get Kashmir, Dancing Days, Immigrant Song, and Black Dog. So it's not so bad. And they also play one of my faves, Molly Hatchet's "Flirting with Disaster."