Friday, March 14, 2008

Worst. Meme. Ever?

"No, don't play that!"

How could a man such as Splotchy, who, once upon a time, had created this wonderful meme whereby us goofy denizens of the internets each added his or her own personalized piece to a living, breathing cultural puzzle of laughter and violence and joy and outright weirdness, come up with this bloody thing?

I must admit that my soul is torn over this particular instance of taggery. On the one hand, a meme provides an avenue of escape, especially on days like today where I don't feel very political and would rather finish working on some poems -- only during lunch hour, of course, most gracious and forgiving employment overlords -- than post about why Bush and his neocon puppeteers suck vast, unending fields of toxic bullshit.

They do, in case you were at all curious.

And on the other, well, The Name Game was obviously an insidious communist plot to indoctrinate American youth so that when they grew up into fine, patriotic astronauts, they'd travel in their Apollo: The Next Generation spacecraft and land on the moon, whereby a double-secret, special ops branch of the KGB would activate their diabolical gamma ray signal, making the astrodudes and astrochicks slice their near-zero gravity golf shots, an embarrassing international incident of the first rank. En plus, it's one of those musical and lyrical combinations that no matter how much one loathes it, there's an inherent catchiness that's unavoidable, that sticks in your craw until you wash it out with some rock, roll or Drano.

Oh, Splotchy claims it'll save the lives of innocent puppies, but I think that's merely a front to hide his love of that evil Cold War relic. Now, the pain.

La Belette Rouge, La Belette Rouge, Ba-Belette Rouge,
Banana-fana fo-felette Rouge,
Fee-fi-mo-melette Rouge,
La Belette Rouge!

Marjorie, Marjorie, bo-barjorie,
Banana-fana fo-farjorie,

Mathman, Mathman, bo-bathman,
Banana-fana fo-fathman,

Susan, Susan, bo-busman,
Banana-fana fo-fusman,

Mary Ellen, Mary Ellen, bo-barry Ellen,
Banana-fana fo-farry Ellen,
Fee-fi-mo-Mary Ellen,
Mary Ellen! (all of you Ms are fucking things up! good!)

Je m'excuse, mes amis.


Mary Ellen said...

Oh my guys are nuts!

Ok, I'll do this meme, although I'm disappointed that you didn't offer to show us a pic of you in your underwear, like you did in the last Splotchy meme. Maybe that's a good thing, though, the reality just might kill my fantasies....and that's all I've got left these days. :-D

On to the name game....

Anonymous said...

Oh la la

La Belette Rouge said...

The name game, huh? I think we need to start a Oompa-Loompa meme.;-) Thanks for the tag, Randal-banana-bo-fangle!! :-)

Randal Graves said...

ME, 1. duh, 2. I don't want to be responsible for people having to purchase new keyboards destroyed by vomit or nostril-shot beverages. So yes, I'm ruggedly handsome. ;-)

fot, that's not what I said when the good simian doctor tagged me with this thing!

LBR, only if I get to wear one of those Wonka hats! And stop it, stop it! ;-)

Mary Ellen said...

Ok, Randal, the meme is done and on my blog. I've done my duty to save the puppies. Do I get extra points toward entry into heaven on this? I'd really like to shave off a few years of that purgatory time.

Splotchy said...

The ironic thing is that I wrote my story virus while healthy, and wrote the Name Game meme while I was (and am still a little) sick with a virus.

I am sorry for unleashing this awful, awful thing.

Randal Graves said...

Hey, what's a few years compared to the millions you'll have to serve. I mean, you did just post something bordering on pornographic - thanks for that!

Randal Graves said...

splotchy, the story meme still makes up for this monstrosity, but I think the next time you get sick, we should all run for the hills.

Dr. Zaius said...

Oh, dear. Did the gentleman in the photo cut himself shaving?

Mary Ellen said...

Randal- It turns out I had to add some more porn on my post, there were complaints from those who prefer the opposite sex. I guess I just threw on more time in the fire. Drat!

My Inner French Girl said...

Randal, dear God, have you no shame? Now I have to go and spend the weekend...thinking. Ugh.


Mathman6293 said...

Now that I am home. I will play along.

Tengrain said...

M. Graves -
Je m'excuse, mes amis.

Je pense que vous aimerez dire, "Vous m'excusez, s.v.p, mes amis."



Angie said...

Agh! I could never keep up with this... It just made my head spin and I resorted to simpler things... like cat's cradle. Painful playground memories here.

Randal Graves said...

dr. zaius, ouch. After that image, I might never shave again. Plus, a giant beard makes one look philosophical. Or Unabomber-esque.

ME, yeah, I saw. If I was the supreme deity of all of existence, that addition would add, oh, dozens of centuries to your time.

marjorie, I'm sorry, but go to Mary Ellen's site and she explains the formula in all its gory detail.

mathman, thou art the man.

tengrain, j'espère que vous m'excusez !

angie, and then when the inevitable speeding up occurs, yikes. Pass the pop rocks and leave me alone!

Mathman6293 said...

Randal here you I go

Madam Z said...

Randall, I tagged you today, with one of Dr. Zaius' earlier games. I hope you'll play...