Monday, August 29, 2011

Frankie says relax

"It's only a new semester."

Easy for you to say, dealing with the torches & pitchforks of one rinky-dink village, not a freshman flash mob rioting over the unavailability of textbooks.

Or an Emirates full of Arsenal fans.

No matter, for soon nine hours, sweet freedom, soon.

Ode on a Wheelie Bus

Thou still unclean Wheelie Bus of loudnesse,
Thou toy-less child of Noyse and Slow Ride,
Rusty historian, who canst thus expresse
A greasy tale more stench-lie than our glide:
What axle-fringed legend haunts 'bout Euclid shape
Of mayors or workers, or of both,
In near-hoods or the dales of Parmastan?
What dudes or chicks are these? What drivers loth?
What iPod pursuit? What emploiement to escape?
What late timetables? Gotta run to the can! 


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Now that's a pickup line!

thatgirl said...

you almost had a sonnet here, O Petrarch of the Peonage!

Randal Graves said...

if, ladies love the Wheelie Bus.

thatgirl, it's that damn Keats! Lazy bastard.

Jim H. said...

How much is still owed on said Wheelie Bus? Still, it's nice to see a city where the damn things are useful and reasonably regular and take you where you need to go. As in not here.

Arsenal = ouch.

Randal Graves said...

The first priority is to steal it back from those damn Germans!

Would be kind of comical to see Arsenal crash out at home and make a semifinal or so in Europe (not that that will happen).

Anonymous said...


I would like to order the young calf, organically pen-raised, prepared Parmagiana. Must I travel to Parmastan to get it, or do you serve it here?


Luigi Sacco-Vanzetti

Beach Bum said...

...not a freshman flash mob rioting over the unavailability of textbooks.

Textbooks? What pray tell is that? Down here in wonderful Redneckistan that have issued out nothing less than iPads to all the high school youngins for their edumacation.

Of course they can't take the damn things homes and if scuttlebutt is correct a couple of dozen have already "disappeared" from the school.

susan said...

Vera Katz, who was mayor of Portland for a long time, was reputed to ride on the local wheelie buses. I rode them myself until we moved within walking distance but I never did see her. It must have been an urban legend.

Demeur said...

Just hope Clevelanistan doesn't adopt our wheelie bus fares:
There is the Orca card which will swallow all the contents of your wallet without you even knowing it happened.
Traveling from out of county is once again near to impossible. Ha! and everybody thought Nixon fixed that.

S.W. Anderson said...

Ah, but summer bus rides provide the chance to observe, even interact with, random humanity — from those florid with hair spray, sweet, fuity-goodness bodywash and perfumigation sufficient to gag a park statue to those proudly, defiantly unwashed, in attire unlaundered, their malordorous presence set off by the wearing of sandals, sans socks, thus ensuring head-to-toe broadcast of their stenchiness.

Where else can you get all that for chump change?

Randal Graves said...

Go back to österreich, bomb-thrower!

BB, I dig how here, for a mere few bucks less, students can rent textbooks. Not as if corporates masquerading as local campus bookstores would buy anything back for more than a dollar anyway.

susan, perhaps the good folk of Portland elected a ghost.

demeur, $2.25 is our rate, but even we don't have a bump for "peak hours." Sounds like Ticketbastard's convenience charge.

Of course now they know.

SWA, chumps we are, and never change.

Lisa said...

No,no, no. This is clean notebook time. Fresh pens. The lid still on the glue stick, the eraser a perfect pink rectangle unmarred by having to absorb a mistake.

Just don't leave your lunchbox on the bus and you'll be fine.