Saturday, September 29, 2007

Don't give them any ideas

Sad endings all around, but since the brain-eaters flourish in warm climates, it's a good thing the earth isn't heating up!

"Grrr. We could use this against our foreign enemies. And domestic. Grrr."

(H/T to Pissed On Politics.)


Tom Harper said...

That sucks. I'm sure glad I live in the Northern U.S. near Canada. That's a hell of a price to pay just for going swimming.

PoliShifter said...

I'll bet bioweapons experts are checking into it. Hell, it could be our creation.

Imagine letting that loose in the water supply...

Randal Graves said...

Tom, it sure is. I'd have taken my chances with the Cuyahoga in the 70s over this. Granted, it's a different biosphere, but they're always finding new stuff in the ocean depths. Wonder what else might churn up in our lakes and rivers with the change in climate.

Poli, that's the first thing that popped in my head. Sure beats the mess caused by chemical weapons.