Friday, September 21, 2007

Oh, you're right. And when you're right, you're right. And you -

- you're always right!

Democrats failing to pass anti-war bill. In between bouts of burning miniature American flags and watching porn while smoking a nice, big bowl as our kids, who we only had to get that big fat government check each month, subsist merely on bread and water in the dank, damp basement, us on the left like to complain about the ridiculously misleading headlines splattered over countless dead trees and the inscrutable tubular latticework that is the internets. "The Democrats didn't fail, the Republicans failed the country!" And the articles themselves are often not much better.

On Wednesday, the Senate blocked legislation by Sen. Jim Webb, D-Va., that would have guaranteed troops more time at home; it fell by a 56-44 vote with 60 votes needed to advance.
"The Senate didn't block it, the Republicans did!" Then, of course, The Great Newspaper Controversy, wherein 22 cowards joined Der Leader's Righteous Indignation Brigade to condemn legal - as of now - dissent.

But you know what? Maybe these headlines have been right all along. Let us forget, for just a moment, the bloodshed, the lies, the surveillance, the corruption, the illegal and immoral occupation of a sovereign nation - no matter how dysfunctional it was, is, and ever will be. Here's one more chance to show the American people that you aren't the real chickenhawks.
Democrats, meanwhile, are trying to force Mr. Bush into the uncomfortable position of vetoing a bill covering 10 million children before any spending bills reach his desk. They are casting the president as the compassionate conservative who forgot his compassion.
Along with the Democrats - so often championing the cause of the little guy - as the party of fighters who forgot how to fight, these two sides of the same coin of wankery would make nice bookends for a shelf of empty rhetoric and endless capitulation.

Or you could, just possibly maybe sort of if you kinda sometimes feel like doing so, not back down.
But, Pariser said: "We're not accountable ultimately to the Democrats. We're accountable to people who want a swift end to the war, and that's the end goal here."
The people. Remember them?
For MoveOn's supporters, the special notice from Bush may only serve to validate its confrontational style. "I think he just raised MoveOn several million more dollars," said Erik Smith, a Democratic media consultant.
Who knew that if you showed yourself to be a fighter, win or lose short term, you could eventually come out on top. How about it, Dems?
Yesterday, almost two weeks after the ad ran, MoveOn found itself in an unenviable position: almost universally condemned by Senate Democrats and Republicans.

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