Thursday, September 27, 2007

Great moments in humor

She really should go on tour.

"I wish the Speaker had all the power you just described," she scolded Blitzer, when he suggested the House simply cut off funding for the war. "I certainly could do that. That doesn't bar the minority from bringing up a funding resolution. They have their parliamentary prerogatives as well."
If you certainly could, perhaps you certainly should. Though that would get in the way of playing nice, which has worked so well for you before.
Blitzer asked if Pelosi was simply "telling your angry base" that "there's nothing you can do" given Republican obstructionism.

"How could you have ever gotten that impression?" Pelosi lectured Blitzer, adding condescendingly "for those who pay attention" that she said Democrats will "hold this administration accountable, time and time again for the conduct of this war."
We've been paying attention. Maybe you should start doing the same.


Kvatch said...

"I wish the Speaker had all the power you just described,"

What absolute nonsense! Speakers have exactly the power that their personality and their political prowess afford them. Pelosi has proven repeatedly how much she's got...not much.

Randal Graves said...

Exactly. Funny how when the Dems were in the minority, they couldn't block a single thing. NUCLEAR OPTION! And now that they have the majority, the Reps...block everything. Her and Reid are just ineffectual leaders.

Tom Harper said...

Pelosi and the Dems won't cut off funding for the war (the only leverage they have), but they'll continue to hold Bush accountable -- LOL. Little Georgie has to stay after school and write "I will not lie to the American people" on the blackboard five hundred times.

Randal Graves said...

Don't forget about the dunce cap while he's in Cabinet meetings. That'll show him!