Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I've got nothin' today, so sneak a peek through my window - not that way, you denizens of the gutter - and read some extra bad verse. If you're indeed brave enough to go on, you'll no doubt see that I certainly didn't drink from the same well of creativity as the mighty Swedes above - though it's a distinct possibility that I was listening to their CD as I wrote this - but given that it's one of my less lame pieces - I know, frightening thought, isn't it? - here you go. Suffer! Enjoy!

Reveries of the moon

The prominent solitude wakes and leaves the room,
past the massive darkness to dream like DeQuincey,
to ruminate over locked-away confessions;
for everything counts, says the midnight gardener.

Descending a thousand fathoms, always too deep
each hour, another step further than last evening.
Planets spin and rendezvous with the stars, fixed heavens
each second drop signs once corporeal, once cold.

The sparking ceiling, an old house deserted.
I see ghosts in glazed mouths, crying out nothing
but a warning of the deceit of reason;
I can never become lost while in Carceri.

They spoke and told me if I wanted to sleep, stop.
Whispered, if i wanted to suffer, remember.
But when aurora ascends, they’ll fall nevermore
and become to me memory, the storied dead.

Iconic bodies take flight from the filthy seas
on endless stairs that overhang the depths, that end
at the brink; I cannot move, and remain unfinished.

I cry and hide away from the sun, a haven
is this maelstrom; I wait, restless, for this hollow
to be drowned out by golden sounds returning.

A vast choir, voiceless, sings of a fiery angel
bearing necessities forsaken, and now I,
in a tearless meditation, I am alive.


Freida Bee said...

I love it when you share your poetry. Your imagery is so rich and I have to look shit up. You might be making me smartery.

Wait a minute. That song was beautiful. I kept expecting it to turn into monster lyrics waht with the hair and the Opeth and all, but it didn't. Thanks for sharing it.

Snave said...

Great song!

Nice lyrics, too. Mind if I take them and see about setting them to some music? My music doesn't sound anything like Opeth, for sure... but I did set some of J. Marquis' words to music recently with some success. Go to my site and e-mail me, and I will write you back and attach what I did with J.'s lyrics.

Have you heard a prog-rock band called Riverside? They are a bit mellower than Opeth, but you might like them!

Randal Graves said...

FB, merci, but you know my head holds copious amounts of the stupid. And hey, Opeth is always pretty, even if done in a power chordy, cookie monster vocal-y way.

That's off their Damnation album. Basically an entire record of mellow, mellotron-y, 70s weed-up stuff. You'd probably dig it, but I'll get you jamming to the proggy death metal stuff yet.

Snave, it is, and thank you! And I will, that's a cool idea, I'd love to hear what you did with them.

As for Riverside, no, but I'll have to check them out. Are they anything like Porcupine Tree?

pissed off patricia said...

I appreciate the prose and poetry and all, but damn I miss "The good, The bad and The ugly. ;)

Randal Graves said...

Apparently, so does everyone else. ;-)

Candace said...

Lovely imagery and emotion! Can hardly wait to see what Snave does with it.

(But, as I said before, I'm one of those cretins who doesn't "get" poetry, unfortunately.)

Randal Graves said...

I can't either, but Windows Media Player is giving me grief!

And that's okay, not like I'll be posting them all the time. No one would ever stop by. ;-)

Candace said...

Au contraire, you must keep posting them! Poetry isn't my thing, but reading yours is a treat - obviously for many of us!