Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kicked in the Teeth*

"C'est ridicule ! Les Bleus onlee von a tie vith zee Romanians! I vill get to zee bottom of zis! Je ne souhaite pas embrasser ma soeur ! Mais, au moins nous ne sommes pas AC/DC !"

"How do you thinka we feel? We losto to the Dutcho! Ruberemo il loro cioccolato! Almeno non siamo AC/DC!"

"High voltage rock and roll selling out!"

*What, you expected something thought-provoking? Like I was going to watch talking hairpieces or turn the computer on over the weekend. Silly humans.


La Belette Rouge said...

Perhaps when AC/DC guy goes to see his new CD at Walmart he could pick up a case of autobronzer. Wow! Shorts? With those legs? That is even more disturbing than learning you watch soccer too.;-0

DivaJood said...

Actually, because Australia has this huge hole in the Ozone, those legs are smart thinking - sunscreen prevents skin cancer.

Of course, the image put me off my breakfast.

Anonymous said...

Holy mother of f*ing, Jeebus, what is going on in the world? Is the AC/DC article a gag?

* I'll bet you did watch those talking hairpieces, didn't you?

Dusty said...

ACDC and Wally-fucking-world?

Jesus, and just a few years ago Wally World was bitching about lyrics..guess money will change all that..even for ACDC.. ;p

Randal Graves said...

LBR, come to think of it, Angus is even whiter than I am, no mean feat! Why is it disturbing that I watch soccer? Disturbing would be finding out that I own a Ford F-150 that I drive around town blaring Toby Keith. Rest assured, I do not. ;-)

diva, see, pale bastards of the world, unite!

spartacus, I like to support artists I dig, even ones that don't really need my cash, but I'll gladly burn a copy of this.

Trust me, I didn't watch a single political thing. I figured the heat would make me crankier than usual. I can't afford to get a new TV, heh.

dusty, my favorite thing was the 'clean version' of an album. Who the fuck buys that?

"Dude, where did you get your copy of Fuck off, asshole by The Motherfuckers?"

"At Wal-Mart! The best song is Eat Blank and Die, dontcha think?"

okjimm said...

Je n'arrive pas a le croire! Information about 'football'! I have virtually no chance to watch any of the matches. No cable and fat chance of walking into a sports bar and getting them to turn on Euro2008. France is already up shit creek and they still have Italy coming up.

American soccer sucks, but Euro football rocks.....and they really know how to 'honor' the players.............

VIENNA, June 10 (Reuters) - A Vienna brewery is promising a lifelong supply of free beer to any Austria player who scores a goal for the co-hosts in their remaining Euro 2008 group matches against Poland and Germany.

..........so who wants a damn Stanley Cup andways, if there is no beer in it!!

Je ne regrette rien said...

hmmm. I came here for a riveting dissection of the "McCaniac" video and this is what I get? You photoshopped that AC/DC pic, didn't you? admit it so we can move on.

kreplech said...

this sets the bar pretty damn high for the much anticipated new krokus album*... release party to be held at tj maxx.

Utah Savage said...

I'm too old for all of this and must be sheltered from such frenchy talk, and ugly rockers, football, soccer? Hooligans! I'd rather scream at talking toupees in the late afternoon in the privacy of my own small home.

Tom Harper said...

Those cleaned-up rock albums are too funny. I'm almost tempted to buy a Slipknot or Doctor Dre CD at Wal-Mart just so I can hear two thirds of the lyrics being blanked out.

pissed off patricia said...

There you go, going all French on me again.

Je ne regrette rien said...

re: walmart, since I've never darkened their doorstep, nor intend to ... i've "missed out" on those exclusive album partnerships like the one the eagles did. oh well.

Unconventional Conventionist said...

Oy. From now on, I shall remove the "g" from Angus when I speak of him.

Bradda said...

Hey lay off the boys ya'll, I mean they HAD the biggest balls of them all. I wonder if their earlier work will be on sale?

Randal Graves said...

okjimm, wait just a goddamn minute. YOU, the man who rags on my hockey posts, likes soccer? And here I thought you were a real American. Hmph!

The problem here is the relationship of the MLS to the Premier League or the Bundesliga is the same as the D-league to the NBA and the Euroleague.

Hmm, those brewers must really think no Austrian is going to score!

JNNR, riveting political discussion? Here? You're obviously thinking of some other blog!

And I cannot tell a lie. I photoshopped Angus Young's head on my body.

kreplech, Krokus? Did you really have to go there?

utah, then you are truly a narcissist. Chris Matthews Must Be Destroyed!

tom, ha ha, that would indeed be comical. Too bad there isn't a Wal-Mart version of a GG Allin album.

POP, le français est une partie de mon charme.

JNNR, I've got a copy of the Eagles' album, but it's burned. Make a deal with The Man, don't expect to get paid.

UC, ha!

bradda, maybe we can reanimate the corpse of Bon Scott so he can eat their brains.

DivaJood said...

Wait just a gosh durn minute. Are you people telling me that they make clean versions of albums?

"Dude, where did you get your copy of Go Away, Mister Jerk by The Motherintimaterelationshipers?"

"At Wal-Mart! The best song is Eat PooPoo and Die, dontcha think?"

Distributorcap said...

i loved peter sellers

okjimm said...

But...but....but hockey is played on ice!!!!! Soccer is played......on GRASS! If I really want ice, I just tell the bartender, "On the Rocks!"

Seriously....if you want to watch some kick-ass sport, check out Asian Club soccer tournaments in the mid-west. Hmong,Lao,Thai. They usually have some Hispanic teams sprinkled with some European expats. Entry is usually a K per team, winner take all....up to thirty teams.....man the dudes hone their cleats to ice-pick points!

Shit like that is NOT on ESPN! Plus they usually sell neat-o keen eggrolls.

Anonymous said...

Weekend news blackout.

Hearing Tweety's voice right now would give me the vapors.

Have you seen this?

Truly one of the most unusual collaborations ever.

I likey


Anita said...

with legs like that, i'd definitely wear shorts. very hot.

Anita said...

but seriously randal, you need to do a post on the cowsills. you know, 'the rain the park and other things' ... or 'hair.'

or maybe you're too young to remember the cowsills.


now i'm feeling old.

thanks a lot.


okjimm said...

Anita...Susan Cowsill is still alive. The rest are very dead.

She is playing stuff in New Orleans right now as a Solo...but did some really neat stuff with a group called the Continental Drifters, who morphed into a band called the SubDudes. You should check them out....and then you won't feel so old. (Randal should, maybe, too, just so he can tell me I have no taste in music as well as sports. ;)....

Randal Graves said...

diva, please, watch your mouth. Thank you.

dcap, me too. Now I want to watch some old Pink Panther flicks.

okjimm, great, now we're going to see MMA soccer tournaments. If your man gets into the box, you get a shot on goal if you can injure your opponent with a kick to the skull!

hill, yikes, is Disturbed featuring Julia Fischer next?

anita, when you've got it, flaunt it. I don't, but flaunt anyway. I know the Cowsills and have heard them, but alas, I did not grow up during their heyday. ;-)

okjimm, oh, I already know you don't. ;-)