Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Moscow Tea Party

Everyone knows Putin prefers two lumps and now, so does Obama.


Mary Ellen said...

Putin: "You think you have a set of cajones? These are cajones, my friend!"

Obama: "Uh...uh...yes...uh, it appears you have a set, Vlad. But you could never compare to Michelle's...she has you beat."

Übermilf said...

I want to fight with someone in your comment section, but Mary Ellen is already fighting with Christopher.

I'll just have to say the next person who comments after me is a douchebag.

You have something to say about that, asshole?

sunshine said...

Oh yeah Ubermilf???
Ummm, that's all I got. You win!
((makeup hugs))

sunshine said...

Boy.. these guys look real impressed with the Prez....
Isn't he on his way to Italy now? The eye-talians love fashion! The Obama's will take the country by storm for sure!!!

Dean Wormer said...

Putin may be trying to look tough but the teacup takes away from that whole thing.

Mary Ellen said...

Ubermilf- I'm done fighting with Christopher, you can have at him if you like.

I think I'd like to turn my attention to Randal..."Hey, Randal! Still waiting for those pics of you in your underwear! And when are you going to post more poetry, you slacker! And where's the sport's in this post???? Indians got trounced last night by the CWS and ya got nothin'?"

Ok...fight over, now comes the make up sex...oh, alright...I'll stop holding my breath on that one. Besides, I'm supposedly to be 60 years old now and probably too old for sex. ;-)

Dusty said...

Vlad has such a wonderful sitting posture doesn't he? Jaysus..I expect him to start scratching his balls any second.

La Belette Rouge said...

The tea party at the O.K. Carrol.The fastest-roughest-toughest-teaspoon toting cowboy in the west who can stir down an Earl Grey with his eyes closed.

Randal Graves said...

All I got out of the first few commenters was that there's going to be some kind of sexy catfight.

dean, normally I'd agree, but c'mon, look at that death stare. He could be dressed up like Liberace and scare the fuck out of little children everywhere.

nunly, as I've stated before, pictures of yours truly in skivvies would only blind, I just gave you some damn poetry yesterday, and the entire planet knows the Indians suck vast gobs of rectal discharge. And hey, my kids think mom and dad are too old for sex, so join the club. ;-)

dusty, he probably has someone do it for him. Why should Berlusconi be the only G8 with topless mistresses?

LBR, now that's a fresh angle. Deadwood, except the complete opposite.

Dr. Zaius said...

**hrumph** Real men drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

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Christopher said...

Mary Ellen,

You're done fighting with me?

Strange, I don't recall engaging you in any conflict.

I just pointed out the facts that you are:

1. a racist
2. a homophobe
3. a PUMA

You are still harboring some peculiar, unhealthy rage at me for calling you on your bullshit well over a year ago. This is not normal, well-adjusted, adult behavior.

You also seem to be suffering from a severe case of Obama Derangement Syndrome. Again, not good in a healthy, well-adjusted adult.

I think you need therapy before you harm a child or a small animal, if you haven't already.

Tom Harper said...

Putin is thinking: "I wonder what Barack would look like without that suit on. I'll turn on my X-ray vision. Aha!"

Liberality said...

just look at the body language and it is obvious that Obama is accommodating and Putin is just a dick.

my 2 cents...

Mary Ellen said...

Oh dear, really need to quit stalking me from post to post---it's unbecoming and so not gay. Oh, and you forgot to add, "Nanny nanny boo boo" after your list of name calling. Oh, and don't forget to stick your tongue out before you stomp out of the room.

I do thank you for the laughs, however.

Now, it's been at least four hours since you've written a post about Palin on your blog...don't you think you should get cracking on another one? :-D :-D

Beach Bum said...

Putin forgot his Emily Post: When in doubt, pinky out.

Christopher said...

Mary Ellen,

You give a whole new meaning to term swine flu.

S.W. anderson said...

Putin: "So, President Obama, how long was it after the fly landed in my tea before you said something?"

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Sweet Jeebus! If those are the two lumps, let's not discuss where Putin keeps the cream.



susan said...

Graves, you swine!

I always wanted to say that once.

Thanks, Tengrain.



okjimm said...

ya know.... so do I

Graves, you swine!



okjimm said...


"Ok, if you blow me, we'll take back Alaska. But you guys gotta keep the dumb bitch."

Randal Graves said...

I see you two still haven't made up, so no dessert for either of you!

dr. zaius, Putin is so going to melt a hole through your soul with his KGB Death Stare.

aser, if there ain't scantily-clad Russian babes, I ain't interested.

tom, now only Putin knows if he's wearing an Al-Qaeda wire. The Russkies win again!

liberality, no question that Putin is a dick, but you'd be too if you missed the Cold War as much as that guy.

BB, I wonder if there's a Ludmilla Post over there.

SWA, a fly a day keeps the NKVD away.

tengrain, you and Zaius are courting disaster.

susan, always glad to brighten up someone's day.

okjimm, too bad you didn't brighten mine, you swine. Shudder.

Ricky Shambles said...

While Putin's show of balls-out machismo was well-received, Obama using his dipstick to stir his tea made Vladimir realize his own Yerba Mate was no match for the new president's Oolong.

Anonymous said...

Obama to Putin: Don't fuck with me cracker!

dr.hronos said...

Hey. I'm from Russia and my english is bad
Moscow Tea Party is here

What do you think? :)