Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I couldn't eat another bite, Jeeves. Throw this mutton & duck out, let the skippers & dustmen fight over the bones.

Interior, Cleveland Regional Transit Authority bus.

The work environment is Tyrannosaurus-eat-King Kong atrocious, bien sûr, but when public transportation, unlike commercial, is as comforting as taking the waters, misery's thirst is easily quenched.

"Flying used to have ... well, class," says DeYoung. "It used to be exciting. "Now it's just like riding the bus. You get where you need to go. That's what it comes down to."
You dare proffer that screaming infants & parental counter-screams, suits bloviating into their cellphones, mall-bound teenagers nearly drowning out albums on eleven & the omnipresent stench of stale sweat occasionally peppered with the faintest whiff of urine don't represent class? And your band sucked, too.


Liberality said...

If that is really a picture of the inside of the bus you take to work each day, no wonder you take the bus!

Mauigirl said...

I so agree with the writer of that article - flying just isn't what it used to be. And despite all the rules and the cutbacks, there are still little things they could do to make the experience more special - but they don't bother.

sunshine said...

If you're saying Styx sucked... well... you'd just better take that back Mister!
Paradise Theater was an incredible album!!!
*angry eyes*


Demeur said...

Oh come now we know your buses look more like this:

Lisa said...

Hey - if all those people aren't happy, let them do what I do. Stay the fuck home.

Randal Graves said...

liberality, bah, the bus is for the little people. I've got my own limousine.

mauigirl, hey, if you want luxury flying, pick yourself up by your bootstraps and purchase your own plane. Damn proletariat.

sunshine, sorry, Styx sucks. :)

demeur, hey man, don't be giving RTA any ideas for the next round of cutbacks.

lisa, exactly. One doesn't need to leave the house to fly, assuming one's found a good local dealer.

sunshine said...

Are you saying that you didn't enjoy the song Mr.Roboto??????

*looks at you strangely*...
What kind of man are you????


La Belette Rouge said...

If buses actually looked like that I would happily give up my Prius. And I LOVE my Prius.
I do miss how flying used to be a special event that people dressed for. People don't really dress for anything anymore. When I went to the theater in NYC I was shocked that people dressed like they were going to the movies. Am I old? Don't answer that?

Tom Harper said...

"...screaming infants & parental counter-screams, suits bloviating into their cellphones, mall-bound teenagers nearly drowning out albums on eleven & the omnipresent stench of stale sweat occasionally peppered with the faintest whiff of urine..."

Ah, I miss those halcyon commute memories.

And speaking of bands that suck: Boston. (Since it seems to be '70s bands we're talking about.) Boston was living proof of the old adage "Muzak played through a wall of Marshall amps is still Muzak."

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Just grab two beers off the cart and exit via the inflatable slide. Nothing beats flying!



puddy said...

i have to chime in here... styx sucked. seriously sucked. on an emerson, lake, and palmer level of suckitude. the band members of krokus were happy just not to have been in styx. styx is to music what yentl was to cinema. the best representation of styx is what the 2010-2011 cavaliers season is going to be like.

Beach Bum said...

Public transportation? Down here that's socialistic talk dude. Everyone here is hot on their God-given right to life, liberty, and massive SUV's.

okjimm said...

Ha! what Tengrain said!

Demeur said...

Oh that's right I forgot you got one of them govmint jobs. Enjoy it while it lasts. Can't have no library bailouts.

sunshine said...

Et tu Puddy????
I feel so sad in my heart right now...
I'm not even close to kidding. :(

susan said...

Ah yes, I remember the glory days of flying when Orville and Wilber would strap us to the wings of the biplane for an exciting flight down to Rio.

S.W. Anderson said...

I had to laugh at the 40-something guy in the linked story who waxed nostalgic for the good old days of airline flying. If his memories went back 20 more years, he'd really have something to look back on longingly.

Today's airline industry is another triumph of deregulation. I'd just like to get my hands on the jerk airline chef who did some figuring and sold his company on the idea it could save $100,000 a year, or some such, by no longer putting a wisp of lettuce under the cottage cheese. That started the long, ugly slide from often surprisingly good hot meals to lightly salted cardboard tidbits and soda pop snacks, if you're lucky enough to get even that on a domestic flight of less than five hours.

Randal Graves said...

sunshine, no, I did not like that song. What do you think I was listening to in 1983?

LBR, my wife and I dress up when we head to the orchestra; it's fun to fool people into thinking we're classy, though I'm thinking of sporting an Emperor t-shirt next time.

tom, there are some songs on the first platter that don't make me want to vomit in terror, but the rest of the catalog is pointless.

tengrain, can I use the PA to hurl vulgarities at the patrons first?

puddy, no way the Cavs go 9-73 this season. C'mon.

BB, buses are for spreading the word of the lord, amen.

okjimm, ha! What Gibbs said!

demeur, are you suggesting that civil service isn't a long-term growth industry?

sunshine, Styx sucks. Now, say one of my bands suck. There, don't you feel better?

susan, I'm just glad I remembered to pack some Handi Wipes. That filmy layer of insect carcasses was quite annoying.

SWA, the days when Pan Am stewardesses looked like Bond girls?

You'll take your packet of Saltines and like it.

Dr. Zaius said...

I don't get it - Did you have an accident in your trousers again?