Friday, August 6, 2010

Oh, privately owned means of production, you scallywag!

On bus rides, joyous taxpayer-subsidized glides through beauteous Cleveland vistas, I glance past glass & get lost in profound serenity such as this:

Where's Waldo? In the ravine, with the rest of Famous Ray's refuse.

But lo, yesterday evening, I found myself at the mercy of l'appareil sanglant de la destruction, ♫corporate advertising♪ (ed. note: pretend you hear the ominous soundtrack) & was pained with this:

Oh, I'll pay. Don't think I won't pay low low prices!


Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

All the buses here in beautiful Californiastan, and the light rail I so enjoy taking are covered with those things. Target, McDonalds, Ross and so on just tempting us to part with our hard-earned rupees.

The McDonald's one is especially fetching as it consists of a disembodied hand (badly in need of a manicure, btw) clawing for some Freedom Fries.

Eat at Ray's!



sunshine said...

The first picture looks like Canada.
Are you sure you didn't come cross the border and take that fine photo??

Why does the second picture make me want to go throw on a "Mod Dress" and start dancing???



Lisa said...

One can't even pump fossil fuels into their ozone depleting vehicles without being harangued to visit! buy! go to! see! save!

David Barber said...

Randal, get on your bike and cycle the route on the first photo. Screw the buses with their shit views!

Christopher said...

I thought that might be the Bush hideaway in Paraguay?

After all, the Bush klan did buy 100,000 hectares in the event the Chimp is ever called before the Hague over charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Randal Graves said...

tengrain, you should do what we did and switch your economy over to rubles.

Disembodied hands? I didn't know Famous Ray's opened up on the left coast.

sunshine, if I had, I would have stopped by to have some Canadian special brownies.

lisa, I can deal with ads not going away until after we blow ourselves up, but fuck man, don't cover up my goddamn window.

david, there is nothing within a billion mile radius of Cleveland that's *that* purty.

christopher, naw, otherwise there'd be the scattered corpses of gauchos who dared try and cut his brush.

okjimm said...

Low Prices????? Anything other than free is expensive.

TomCat said...

Don't let those low prices fool you. Republicans will offset them with lower wages, and in many cases, no wages.

Demeur said...

You can't fool us. We know that's not Cleveland. Now draw the shades and get back to work or the next thing you'll be seeing is plywood on the windows.

David Barber said...

Randal, you need to get your arse over here then. There's views like that round every corner.

Have a great weekend bud. Hope you catch the Premiership curtain raiser on sunday. Man U v Chelsea. Come on the reds!!!

Tim said...

Wow I though Cleveland was all strip Malls. I had no idea they had nature in any way shape or form. Why it almost looks nice. At least the first picture. The second just looks like one of the many jails.

Tom Harper said...

That top picture is ugly. That's the "before" picture. We need a freedomloving free-enterprising developer to go in there and build something, DO SOMETHING with that land. It's just sitting there, serving no purpose whatsoever. Nobody wants that, except maybe a few treehuggers.

Beach Bum said...

My favorite corporate advertising is the credit card stuff, makes you feel all warm and fuzzy seeing all the fun and adventures that the attractive couples have on those commercials.

susan said...

Not only do they raise the fares and cut back on service but then they make the buses look like clown-mobiles.

Liberality said...

The last time I went through Cleveland it did not look like that. :)

I read in an article in a current news magazine that Cleveland is a nice city, full of warm friendly people, nice middle aged hot women, cost of living not too bad and that you all even have your own television show now I think. I don't have television so I'm not hip to that but I thought to myself, well, obviously they don't read Randal's blog.

Randal Graves said...

okjimm, have you thought about getting a cushy government job? You could work for Paul Ryan!

tomcat, low wage earners don't create jobs. Sheesh.

demeur, that's a shot of Cleveland before we replaced the mountain range with abandoned warehouses.

david, that's like asking me to root for the Red Sox over The Fucking Yankees. It'll be done, but I won't like it. Go Blackpool!

tim, you left out the giant Free stamp, our most precious cultural landmark.

tom, I'm sure there's some coal just dying to be removed. (I have no idea where that shot's from, could be Italy for all we know).

BB, you mean you aren't currently deciding how to spend your points?

susan, I wish they looked like clownmobiles. We could put a plastic Krusty head on the front of every bus.

liberality, we've cleaned up our act. And our river! And we certainly have television, though we just got color last year, which helps when ogling hot, middle aged women.

Dr. Zaius said...

What is that? A Dalek?