Saturday, August 18, 2007

Abortions for none, miniature American flags for everyone!

Mmmm. Red meat tasty.

That ought to shut up those bloviating about his laziness. What steely resolve! What saavy nerve! He may or may not get in, still not sure, but if he does - wait, what was the question again? Nevermind, it's nap time.

Speaking of a man who never sleeps, Rudy! worked 23-and-a-half hour days singlehandedly cleaning up Ground Zero, and believe you me, there wasn't a moment he didn't curse his frail human requirement for that 30 minutes of rest. Oh, to have been a superhero like Batman or Jesus or Ronald Reagan. Why, lord, why?!?!?

In case anyone was wondering, no, neither of these candidates will be hurt by their ridiculous political gaffes. Don't be silly.

Go about your business. That e.coli tainted food won't eat itself.

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