Friday, August 10, 2007


Ah, August. When the humidity is stifling and you immediately sweat out the gallon of water you just chugged, leaving you even more thirsty than you were a minute ago. It's also the time of injury. And more injury. Oh, what the hell. Throw in a season-ending one, to boot. If Joe Thomas doesn't tear up his knee before the end of preseason, then what more evidence do you need for the existence of an Omniscient Bearded Guy Who Lives In The Clouds with the wrathfulness and the vengeance and the bloodrain and the 'hey hey hey it hurts me?'


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Grace Nearing said...

What a whacked-out collection of shoulders, knees, backs, thumbs, and brain splatters! On the bright side, however, no hammies or groins (yet).

But you gotta have some sports angst, right? Otherwise, just watch synchronized swimming or cricket instead.