Friday, August 17, 2007

Unite-ary executive

I'm not sure this is what we had in mind.

According to Odierno, such an attack in 2006 "might have triggered a spiral of revenge killings, but, today, such horrific events actually unite Iraqis of different ethnicities and confessions in their outrage."
Hell, a few more blasts that slaughter hundreds and we will be able to finally leave that godforsaken, blood-soaked sandbox!
"Attacks against civilians are at a six-month low. IED (improvised explosive device) attacks are at a two-month decline and have a 45 percent found-and-clear rate. Civilian murders in Baghdad are down over 51 percent, reaching their lowest level since just before the Golden Mosque in Samarra was bombed in February 2006."
That's excellent to hear. I'm sure that's reflected in the casualty rate for the military, as well. We certainly strive to always be truthful about reporting such things. Additionally, since this was an extremely violent attack, just like that of the Golden Mosque, we can expect the number of attacks to increase, I mean, decrease. Sorry, almost blew that one!

So come on, secular Sunnis and Shiites, radical fundamentalists, ex-Baathists, Al-Qaeda, Mahdi Army, Iranian proxies, ex-KGB operatives, Blackwater mercenaries, Cobra Command, Klingons, Chickenhawk Brigade, sons of Mitt Romney and you too, Yazidi - if there are any of you left - come on and blow each other up just a little bit more. U.S. Army, see if you can't help everyone out. It's not like there aren't a couple of hundred thousand guns lying about the place. The sooner everyone dies, the sooner you all get to come home.

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