Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cynicism über alles

After reading this excellent post at Blognonymous that dismantles the naive desire for those of us non-Evil types to find any silver lining in something during the Neocon Imperium, I suddenly became depressed. No, not because Kvatch is right, but because I knew I would see the same dynamic played out in an arena of far more import:

Brady Quinn nearly rallies Browns, saves a drowning cat and finds a cure for cancer!

Woo. Believe me, on some level, I am excited. He's still in one piece. He also showed his leadership and moxie against guys who'll be out of the league in a couple of weeks. Will Quinn be starting at some point this year? Absolutely, most likely after the bye under the interim head coach. Will Quinn be a Pro Bowler during his career? The odds are pretty good. He's run a pro-style offense, he's played in big college games, he seems to not be a knucklehead and the ladies like him, and they vote for the Pro Bowl, too.

Being a Cleveland sports fan means one thing: expect the worst. If it hasn't happened yet, it will. If it has, then what's next but the worstest? The strategery of the Sports Gods is inscrutable. Don't be questioning those fuckers. Just sit back and enjoy the misery. No wonder this town is full of character. That's all we build.


Anonymous said...

Hey...thanks for the mention, and sorry to hear that you live in Cleveland, from a sporting perspective, that is.

Though I'm not much of a baseball or football fan, I do love basketball--pro or college, doesn't matter. And in that realm I can definitely sympathize, having lived in perhaps the three worst basketball cities in the nation: Minneapolis (dawn of the "Timbies"), Washington DC (transition from the Bullets to the Wizards), and now the Bay Area (home of the perennially lousy Warriors).

Anger the sports gods and look what happens.

Randal Graves said...

Those are three franchises with a colorful history of mismanagament. I say you blame Reagan. The Bullets and Warriors were quite successful in the 70s. Saint Ronnie gets in, and look what happened!

As for Golden State now, well, you know Baron Davis will get hurt at some point. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah... My one truly golden basketball moment was the 2006 NCAA Tournament. Both of my alma maters, University of Texas and George Mason, got into the round of 16, but it was George Masons truly astounding run at the final four that made the tourney for me.

Who knew GMU had a basketball program?