Monday, August 13, 2007


He wants to spend more time with his family. The Corleones.

Cheers and guffaws aplenty are surely on their way to clog the left side of the internets. This resignation means nothing. He'll still be doing his 50+1 schtick, he'll still be overlording their proven strategy of attacking the strength of their opponents, and the Democrats will still fail to immediately strike back. A bully will bully until he's bloodied, and we're too afraid to muss up our hair.

He'll be in the public eye less, which means out of sight, out of mind for the complicit media, so this works perfectly for the Republicans. One less item they have to worry about during the campaign season where the only goal is to distance themselves from the Worst President Ever. Not that the masses have a true grasp on what a sick, twisted fuck Turdblossom is, anyway. Think this guy still won't be scheming on the taxpayer's dime? Think this guy will actually testify before Congress? I have a bridge over the Euphrates I want to sell you. As soon as I watch Rove frogmarched to jail.


Tom Hilton said...

As I said at Norbizness', I'll bust out the Schadenfreude when I see that motherfucker wearing an orange jumpsuit. Until then...yawn.

Anonymous said...

Rove won't be gone for long:

Karl Rove: “I’m done with politics…”

Fred Thompson: “Come ‘ere baldy. I need a campaign manager. [smooch] [smooch].”