Sunday, August 26, 2007

Brown derby

Once again it behooves me to temper the enthusiasm generated by quality quarterbacking - much of it against Denver's first team defense, no less! - by pointing out that the run defense, as last year, and the year before, and the year befzozzzzz.....oh, sorry. Where was I? Yes, the run defense remains as ineffectual as Democratic oversight of the crooks who run this country. And I completely understand that it's the preseason, but the fragile Cleveland sports psyche could've handled much better getting gashed by Travis Henry and Mike Bell instead of fullback Cecil Sapp and undrafted mystery man Selvin Young.

In any case, Frye showed enough to keep the starting job, mostly because that's where Crennel has had him the entire offseason and training camp - the Coin Flip Game notwithstanding, which he only won through the timely intervention of the Super Magical Jesus Baby. Praise Him! Quinn will likely be assigned the important task of guarding the clipboard and may see action sooner rather than later.

On a final note, it was a pleasant surprise to see Jamal Lewis looking so spry after a few injury-plagued campaigns. I'm certainly glad we only gave him a one-year deal, but for once, maybe we'll get our money's worth. Andre Rison, I'm looking at you.

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