Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Another famous person has kicked the bucket

I worked long and hard on that tribute. Sniff.


sunshine said...

Hey, sometimes it pays to be American I guess.
Poor me, can't see it cause I'm in Canada.... :(
From what I can tell, it's a Simpson's clip. :)

Mary Ellen said...

When cartoon characters die, do they go to heaven, or to re-run hell?

Demeur said...

Just wonder how long it will take for the republican gouls to lick their lips and sharpen their knives.

Dean Wormer said...

Not to be cynical about this but I really think this explains some of the GOP foot dragging on health care.

Of course the 60 vote threshold is bullshit anyways but the media buys it and that's all that matters.

RIP Teddy.

Randal Graves said...

sunshine, USA! USA! USA! It's a clip of Quimby's reelection commercial vs. Sideshow Bob + the mystical journey. Great stuff!

nunly, reruns are only hell if they're reruns of shitty shows.

demeur, last week.

dean, not to be cynical? While you all were crying in your beer, I put this thing up. ;-)

I'm telling ya, I need a media empire to tell everyone what to do. That'd be sweet.

themom said...

Great one Randal!

Holte Ender said...

I had a lot of respect for Teddy, when he realized he was never going to be President in 1976, he could have retired from public life and lived as a full-time millionaire, instead of a part-time one. Teddy was a relatively honest politician, he didn't need the money.

Hill said...

RIP, Sir Lion


Mauigirl said...

A sad day.

I'm at work so it's blocking the clip - will watch it later.

There have been a LOT of famous people dying this year, per your flippant blog post title! ;-)

sunshine said...

I'll have to look it up later. Sounds funny.
Guess what! I've actually WATCHED The Simpson's.
It was the one where Homer had all of those springs on him. The sidestory was Bart trying to liberate all the old gaffs at the old folks home.
Marge made Homer get rid of the springs..he flushed them.
The boat that Bart took the old people out on got cut in half by Mr. Burns... they kept sinking then floating to the top because... wait for it.............Homer's springs were down there and kept pushing the boat back up.

Very funny.

Randal Graves said...

themom, I love that episode!

holte, as politicians go, one of the less vomit-inducing ones.

hill, did he have a mane to shave?

mauigirl, what's flippant about it? 100%, pure fact. ;-)

sunshine, the fact that you've only watched The Simpsons for the first time in 2009 makes me very sad.

sunshine said...

Hey! I've seen bits and pieces of it over the years!
But yes... it was my full length episode. *blush*
I watch Futurama! Doesn't that count for anything?


Dr. Zaius said...

I had no idea that being a mummy was so dangerous!

Utah Savage said...

I thought you were talking about Dominick Dunne.

Beach Bum said...

Not trying to sound like a heartless bastard-like I give a damn anyway-in this truly sad time but I'm actually looking forward to all the talking heads blathering on after Limbaugh or some other republican asswipe dies, I ain't picky. I'll have a party with a cake and ice cream.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Ellie Greenwich died. Have you no decency, sir? Have you no decency?

Randal Graves said...

sunshine, yeah, that partially covers up the black hole that is your soul, heathen!

dr.zaius, but once you survive the initiation rite, whoa, look out, all those cool mummy powers like walking real slow!

utah, hell no, Quimby's modeled on the Kennedys. Don't tell me you didn't even play the clip.

BB, that's how I look at it, more free entertainment. I'm at work, I'm easy to please. Let the hot air rise.

tengrain, if I posted about every corpse, I'd be in danger of having a real blog, with updates and everything!