Friday, August 7, 2009

Picture this

No to swimming? I thought you loved the cold, Randal.

Cursed by my own hubris. Anyway, I don't know why Miss Canada labeled this as a challenge for it requires so little effort --

1. Open the 4th file where you store your photos
2. Pick out the 4th photo and publish it to your blog

Ouch. She was right. I think I just tore a ligament.

3. Explain a bit about it Make stuff up
4. Pass this challenge to 4 other blogs

This was from a post a couple of years ago where a bunch of Texas Jesusheads tried to be edgy while failing to take into account any corollaries to the Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics theorem.

Ansel Adamses: Utah, Beach Bum, Freida Bee, Vladimir Putin.


Dusty said...

That sounds like a neat exercise. The Canadian beauty does have a nice ass.

I damn near choked on my java when I saw the next one..I thought Satan had opened his own shop. ;)

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Leaving that wee Canadian lassie with the fine Canadian... um, cap and scarf set, on the frozen tundra of that God-foresaken land, it is ungentlemanly of you. You should have abandoned her here in sunny California, where she could have romped freely with other bikini clad nubile youths.

Have you no shame, Graves? Have you no shame?



sunshine said...

Well since no self respecting Canadian gal would go out in a bikini before .. oh... say... Febuary, this picture must have been taken late winter. That is quite an ass she has on her, isn't it? (betcha thought I was going to try to tell you it was me. Right? No no.. I'd do a red bikini/white touque,scarf combo. Never a white suit.)

Hey! I didn't name this friggin thing. I just follow along.
Tore a ligament..... sheesh. *eyeroll* Shaddup! And don't think that I didn't notice you tagged Vladimir Putin.

I have to admit. I took the picture all wrong until you explained. For some reason I thought maybe it was atheists trying to be funny.

Well I have just been alerted that I received an e-mail from someone called Ninja Boy so I must dash. Hopefully it's not some mean comment on my blog that I'll have to delete.
A new boyfriend perhaps! :) Your flirting has been sub standard lately so, you never know. Although you do get some extra points for suggesting you'll bring your SNES games to my place!

Ciao For Niao!

Holte Ender said...

Oh Canada

sunshine said...

Okay. Not a new boyfriend. A new follower though. Look at me! Up to 21 now.
So you're safe. For now.....

Dean Wormer said...

I'm trying to think of a quip that involves that hottie and maple syrup but I just haven't had enough java today so you're going to have to fill in the blank yourself.

Randal Graves said...

dusty, that she does. And that he has, but the dude is way overpriced. Fire insurance premiums are going through the roof!

tengrain, just because I've been married a long time doesn't mean that my gentlemanly gentleness was brutally axe-murdered an age ago. Venez-vous chez Randal, ma chère canadienne.

sunshine, since I'm not sure I entirely believe you on the choice of Canadian swimming attire, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for visual evidence.

Leave out Putin? Are you nuts? He'll kung fu me into Siberia.

Ninja Boy's got nothing on me. Is this a ploy for bawdy poem in your honor?

holte, they're not all about free health care.

dean, already done, but then again, I do have a three hour head start on you left coasters.

sunshine said...

A bawdy poem would always be welcome! Not sure your other reader would care for it though. :)
I do think Ninja Boy might be in love with me. He did say something about "Woof" meaning I love you. And he did "Woof" at me. (okay.. that's just fucked up. Whatever!)

Damn! I knew I should have invested in Photoshop. Not only could I manufacture flattering/sexy pic's of myself, I could also ruin the lives of others. No one would escape my mean spirited photoshopping! Muwhahahahahaha! Oh you KNOW what I'm getting next. hehehe...

So no. I don't have proof of my red bikini. I do have a sexy navy blue one piece though! Nike and everything!

Tom Harper said...

"Texas Jesusheads" -- Oh no, they're B-A-A-A-A-CK. Coming soon to a town near you.

Übermilf said...

That's not what Satan told ME.

Randal Graves said...

sunshine, like I give a shit what my readers think. Hey, where are you all going? Fine, fuck you, wankers. More death metal.

I sure hope you wouldn't be mean to yours truly, not after I penned such naughty stanzas! Use your photoshop to handsome me up a bit.

tom, I really think the Texas Jesusheads have a shot at the Fundamentalist Football League championship this season.

übermilf, so you're tight with the Horned One, huh. I knew that righteous Christian gig was merely an act.

Beach Bum said...

I was always told that Satan was the king of lairs and never uttered the truth. So does does that sign really mean he loves Victory Family Church and is it doing his bidding here on earth?

Christopher said...

I hope Miss Canada is more evolved on gay marriage equality than former Miss California, Carrie Prejean.

If she's not, look out because Perez Hilton, Harvey Levin and yours truly will be coming for her.

Tengrain said...

As Todd Palin once said, "M@#$%dfueasdf! PASFj!!!"

Take that, you swine!



sunshine said...

Gay marriage is completely legal in Canada. Has been for sometime!
I'm all for it. I can't Imagine being with my husband for all of the years that we have been, and then in the end have no rights such as health benefits, medical decisions that we have discussed and a host of other rights and privileges that we enjoy as a married couple.
If the "real" Miss Canada doesn't approve.. she wouldn't say it. :)

Randal Graves said...

BB, I don't think it's unreasonable to assume that many lunatic fundies are, whether they'd admit it or not, in league with the Unholy Prince of the Black Pit.

christopher, like all nations, Canada has its share of knuckleheads, but the odds are pretty good that the average Canucklehead is a bit more enlightened than the average Murkan.

tengrain, you bastard, I'm filing an ethics complaint against you!

sunshine, she's more than welcome to say south of the border. Wee luv us sum morans, wee shur doo.

Dr. Zaius said...

Hmm... I hate the Victory Family Church as well. I must be Satan!

Randal Graves said...

If that's true, that means that angels were descended from apes!

Distributorcap said...

what does this have to do with vladimir putin? can you see russia from lake erie too

Non Je Ne Regrette Rien said...

that looks like fun ... but I don't think I have 4 folders...I am an organizational disaster these days, having tossed all corporate propriety to the swirling sea of discontent.


Randal Graves said...

dcap, only when I use my binoculars.

JNRR, I don't have four folders either, but I've got no problem being deceitful.

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Anonymous said...

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Dr. Zaius said...

...angels were descended from apes!

It's the other way around. :o)