Thursday, April 15, 2010

You talk the talk, but will you walk the walk?

We're walking.

Вы можете у меня переписной лист, когда вы подглядывать его из моих холодных мертвых рук.

I briefly considered heading down this too-sunny afternoon to get a quick chuckle at the West Side Story between those who bag tea and some presumably metaphorical lefty counterpunching, but then I remembered I have to clip my toenails, plant rutabagas, wash that grey right out of my hair, discern ancient Chinese secrets. Bonne chance, spectacle in a bottle.

никакого налогообложения без представительства!


Beach Bum said...

Dude, I admit that I am far from the sharpest knife in any drawer but I stayed away from the Teabagger gathering at the state house here in Columbia today because I hear extremely inbred people can smell those not belonging to the same gene pool.

okjimm said...

I dunno..... I went to one last fall. It was kind of interesting...... in the same way a trip to the zoo is. Love thee penguins.

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

I just realized that I have to go past the Teabagger rally here in San Jose -- which is being held in ... (wait for it) Plaza de Cesar Chavez. There ought to be a few heads exploding when they realize that they are in a public park named after one of them.



PS - Eat at Ray's on Tax Day! It seems so appropriate.

Nicole E. Hirschi aka CJT said...

What a list of better things to do. Is this the same list that keeps you from seeing me too?


sunshine said...

Tea Baggers. Hmmmm.. I've never quite understood why they wish to be called that but, I do KNOW why.
My son Joe's gym teacher's name is Mr. Tory and Joe calls him "Teabag Tory".
I thought that was kind of funny. :P

You're blond. You don't have any grey in your hair yet. :P


Randal Graves said...

BB, not going to test out your hospital training?

okjimm, that's the primary reason I'm not going, forgot my camera. Never know when the next Get a brain, morans! will come along.

tengrain, if I didn't know any better, I'd swear you made that up. You made that up, didn't you.

nicole, those grey strands are tenacious buggers.

Randal Graves said...

sunshine, that's a right jolly joke 'tis. Oh, there's a one here and there, believe you me. I ain't getting any younger.

Tom Harper said...

"You can have my census form when you pry it from my cold dead hands."


"No taxation without representation!"

Betcha didn't know I was fluent in Russian, didja?

Demeur said...

I never trust a man who writes broken Russian. We're sending over Lennin's barber for your hair problem. The color should last forever now.

Room Mom Helper said...

Our tea party is being held in Daley Plaza. I got invited by some guy standing outside the train station this morning.

I wanted to push him in the Chicago River. And then his skeleton would come bubbling back up like in that Vincent Price movie with the vat of acid.

Utah Savage said...

I'd avoid them too. It takes so little to make me cry these days. Willful ignorance gets me every time.

susan said...

You mean you weren't ready for a walk on the wild side?

Tengrain said...

Graves, you swine!

Would I lie to you?

OK, strike that. Would I lie to you about Tea Baggers Rallying in Plaza de Cesar Chavez? Absolutely not!



PS - Eat at Ray's!

S.W. Anderson said...

Shame on you, Randal, passing up a chance to watch history in the making just so you could primp.

Right there in Cleveland you had a celebration of know-nothing idiots, blithely unaware their taxes are lower than in decades. Callously disregarding the fact every foreclosed, vacant home devalues neighboring homes and makes the whole community that much less well off. And, teabaggers idiotically demonizing the census, when an accurate count holds out the hope of more political oomph, federal aid to this 'n' that, etc.

Except for decades of Republican National Conventions, where else do you get so much deranged dipstickery on display in one place at one time?

As for, "никакого налогообложения без представительства!"

Doesn't that translate as, "Yeah, an ya muddah wears Army shoes"?

Liberality said...

And those ancient Chinese secrets that you have discerned, what of them?

Randal Graves said...

tom, communist!

demeur, in America, barber cut your hair. In Russia, barber cut you!

übermilf's 99 cent disguise, that wasn't a movie, that was a documentary. Skeletons do that all the time.

utah, they make me chuckle.

tengrain, Californistan's teabaggers are loopier than the average teabagger!

SWA, fine, if you want to painfully stroll around your burg with giant toenails, be my guest, but don't come crying to me when they destroy your Air Jordans.

liberality, I can't tell you. They're secrets.

Randal Graves said...

susan, I played the percentages and assumed there would be no one to buy any herb from.

susan said...

I'm taking my hydroponic units with me when I go north. It's less illegal there :-)

Dr. Zaius said...

Why would you put your glasses in a bottle? That seems silly.