Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Evidently obvious, patently apparent

"Stop! Hearing time!"

Please hammer, hurt 'em.

Democrats in the House of Representatives on Wednesday intend to use hearings on Iraq to hammer home what they think is a key political point: that the expense of the Iraq war is making it harder for the American economy to rebound.

Republicans are critical of Democrats' efforts to blame Iraq for the economy's doldrums.

Hey now, leftist kooks, that's not fair. It's not all Iraq's fault! Some other stuff happened, too. Sheesh. Don't you guys want VICTORY?

"This latest argument from Democratic leaders smacks of political opportunism at its very worst," said House Republican leader John Boehner, R-Ohio.

Is there a Kleenex in the house?

And I wonder what the over/under is on how long this guy will stick around. He sounds a bit too wishy-washy, don't you think? Fair trials? Cruel, coercive techniques? Everything's cruel according to you. Keeping him chained up in the backyard is cruel. Pulling on his tail is cruel. Yelling in his ears is cruel. Everything is cruel. So excuse me if I'm cruel!

Go back to Virginia, pinko. Perhaps we can get Yoo. It's not as if he has any meetings he'll be attending in the near future.


My Inner French Girl said...


Oh, I don't envy Mr. Prince, but I admire him. He can end up being the most hated man in America, which probably means he'll do the right thing.

As for the Republicans who are criticizing Dems for blaming the ongoing recession on Iraq, well, hell, who can we blame? The fat cats who allowed it to happen? The businesses who are shipping as many jobs as they can overseas so that they don't have to pay fair wages? The businesses who are laying off workers but not decreasing production so that the "survivors" are forced to pick up the slack left by their departed brethren? Hmmm. It's a thinker.


Freida Bee said...

Perhaps, it will be the American greed that will save us in the end after all. I mean, if we're sending all of our resources to liberating the Middle East from its oil, won't we get poor?

"Uh. I like my diamonds and afternoon rendezvouses with my quirky Mexican gardener," thought Kay Bailey Hutchinson as she reminisced over her vote of "yea," for Petreus, after an emotional, "Ole!" earlier that morn.

That's a brief excerpt from the screenplay I am writing.

Dean Wormer said...

Wow, that's a tough choice. Did Bush ruin the economy with his stupid war in Iraq or did he ruin the economy by not foreseeing the subprime crisis and doing something about it early on?

Is there an "all of the above" category?

Randal Graves said...

marjorie, if I didn't know any better, I'd say that you were one of those lefty kooks. Everyone knows that free market is best left to its own devices. Except when business needs a hand because without gigantic corporations, we'd all starve as we worked our ditchdigging jobs.

FB, that's an excellent point. Let it run its course and once we're all destitute, we'll be forced to come up with a better system.

As for your screenplay, who is going to play Miss Kay? Rudy! would make an excellent choice, no?

dean, C is definitely the correct answer. It's very impressive in its own twisted way to see just how diabolical they are on so many fronts.

Tom Harper said...

Those damn Democrats! We're bringing freedom and democracy to those primitive Arabs, and that's a beautiful thing we're doing. If there's a slight dip in the economy, that's a small price to pay. (I still have a job so that's why I can call it a small dip.)

Those pinkos in Congress just can't understand that the economy will get better as soon as Bush's tax cuts take effect and start stimulating the economy. When rich people spend more money, some of that wealth will trickle down onto us peons. A rising tide lifts all yachts.

Mary Ellen said...

It's all Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid's fault. If they would have brought up articles of impeachment instead of kissing up to Bush and giving him every penny he's asked for to keep this war going, we wouldn't be in this mess. For all those in the Senate and House who have been supporting Bush in keeping this war going...Democrats and Republicans alike...I'd like to kick their collective asses from here to freakin' Iraq.

Dr. Zaius said...

House Minority Leader Boehner is a total dick. He tried to cover up Mark Foley's love letters to teen pages by saying that it was all the fault of the Democrats, that they must have kept them a secret and waited until it was politically advantageous to release them! Oh, yeah. Foley comes up smelling like a rose after that bit of turd polishing.

Have you ever seen this? The greatest internet graphic EVER!

Randal Graves said...

tom, oh man, you have no idea how excited I am about those checks! When I stimulate the economy and all those businesses, flush with our cash start creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs, someday I'll have a yacht, and sail around the world!

ME, it's going be interesting to see if this gets any traction. War criminals. Period.

dr. zaius, I cringe every time I remember that that fucker is from my state. I know this can be, and has been, said about nearly everything the neocons have done, but just imagine the manufactured outrage if Foley had been a Dem.

Just like the anthrax, another shining moment down the memory hole. And that graphic is great! I must steal it for future use!