Friday, April 18, 2008


Don't worry, I'm not going to sing. Do you enjoy the harmonious cacophony of fingernails cascading down a chalkboard? An event quite reminiscent of me being tuneful, as tuneful as the screams the world currently finds itself going deaf from.

I'm sure once we get our house in order, we'll be able to afford that hearing aid we so desperately need. I need a drink to celebrate this upbeatness. Anyone have some ice?

And you doubted my fabulous mood. Bloody wankers.


Dean Wormer said...

The mind reels at the hypothetical thrown out on the C&L link you have up there.

Have a great weekend, Randal.

TomCat said...

If you think your singing is bad, I flatulent in three octaves. ;-)

Tom Harper said...

I was in sort of a glum mood when I came over here, but now this upbeat post has lifted my spirits.

Golly gee, everything is just so peachy.

autumn said...

i got sensitive teeth, how could i enjoy the sound of the fingernails scratching the chalkboard. ouch. lol.

wish i could view the video? is it youtube? o.O

anyway, thanks for dropping by to my blog. =]

pissed off patricia said...

I have ice and gin and it's Friday. In a tiny little corner of the world, life is good.

Mary Ellen said...

Well, gee Randal---thanks. Now I feel sufficiently depressed and ready to run to the nearest Interstate and stand in front of a semi...or I'll just get a bottle of tequila and try to entice okjimm to come over and get drunk with me.

Randal Graves said...

dean, it's quite amazing what members of the Republican party can get away with, isn't it? And you too, my friend.

tomcat, oh man, you're killin' me. ;-)

autumn, well that's about as well as I can sing! It is, a song by The Dresden Dolls. They're a great band, this weirdo cabaret rock outfit.

POP, at the end of the day, that little corner is about all we have control over, no? So, drink up, I say.

ME, you know me, I aim to provide happy fun candy with sugar and sprinkles on top. And if I hear about any hot nunly dis-habit-ing, I'm going to be disappointed that I wasn't there.

Angie said...

Lovely post for a Guinness!

Function of Time said...

damnit. moods are over-rated

Anita said...

I guess I'm a little late for the party, which is probably a good thing since was wasn't entirely my best (mood-wise) friday night. or saturday for that matter. today i'm ok.

but speaking of singing, i just started taking piano lessons again and my teacher told me he would throw in voice lessons for the hell of it.

that's great, right?

well, probably not if you are one of my neighbors and i've got all my windows open.

they'll get used to it.


Spartacus said...

Such a cheerful post.

Which reminds me, I'm in need of a front man for my new band Screech and The Blackboard Scratchers. You in?

TomCat said...

No I'm not, Randal. You're out of range. ;-)

Randal Graves said...

angie, isn't that true of all posts?

fot, sometimes. At other times they're quite useful for scaring off children.

anita, oh don't worry, this is more of a subdued, mopey party. No fluorescent streamers nor pointy party hats.

As for the singing, don't sweat it. When your neighbor starts spewing forth a cloud of obscenities, always remember there is someone worse than you. ;-)

spartacus, as long as you require no musical ability, I'm in.

tomcat, praise be to geography!

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