Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Obligatory sports post until I come up with something else later on today

How 'bout them Cavs? How 'bout some love letters?

Dear LeBron,
Don't be this guy, be this one.
Love, Cleveland

Dear Internets,
Don't whine or there will be more of this.
Love, Randal

Dear Randal,
Don't be such an asshole.
Love, Brain

Dear Brain,
Don't make me kill you with beer.
Love, Randal

Dear Randal,
You don't even like beer.
Love, Brain

Dear Brain,
Oh, I'll learn to, motherfucker.
Love, Randal


Suzan said...

Dear Randal,

I suggest a nice Gewurztraminer with the Turk; otherwise (much better, but watch out for the cranberries) a nice Puligny Montrachet - you've earned it! And find someone nice to share it with.

And stay away from sports - it will kill those last brain cells much faster than the excellent vino.


Dean Wormer said...


I'll have to send you some of my homemade Blackberry/ Boysenberry wine. It won't just kill braincells, it will do so with extreme prejudice.

Randal Graves said...

suzan, *turns on my brain* You know, I don't think I've ever had a Gewurztraminer before.

And there's nothing wrong with sports. If there was, half of my blog would disappear!

Hey, all you in the back, stop clapping.

dean, oh hell, sign me up for that! I'm not really using the brain cells I have left all that much so why not put 'em out of their misery.

Michael Ironside, one of the great character actors of all time.

Dusty said...

Dear Randal,

Your one crazy bastard, but that's why I heart you dude.

Dusty ;)

ps..enjoy the day off's a SPORTS EXTRAVAGANZA DAY!!!!! ;p

S.W. Anderson said...

No big sports fan here, and not that big on beer, either, although a Red Dog on a hot day ain't bad.

I like a nice Chablis or Reisling with the big turkey dinner, though.

In any case, enjoy the day, the meal, the family, friends and whatever games you follow.

Anonymous said...

Dear Randal,

Someone is on the phone for you. They want to know what time you close.



P.S. Happy Thanksgiving and whatever

Übermilf said...

Dear Randal's brain,

Where's my fucking gravy recipe?

Randal Graves said...

dusty, oh it's gonna be sweet! Three games to watch! Now, if I can just get out of going anywhere... ;-)

SWA, the same to you, sir. Though if you're feeling extra masochist-y, the ineptitude of the Lions is always a hoot.

dcup, no one has to call since far too many people are coming in. Don't you punk ass kids have traveling to do?

May you all each much bird and fall asleep on the furniture.

Dear übermilf,
Ancient Ohio secret!
Love, Randal's brain

Liberality said...

Dear Randal,
We are stuck at the library and there is no one here--yet we can not go home. At least if we were busy the time would go by quicker.
Well Happy Turkey Day and sports watching day too.


Distributorcap said...

obligatory i am not a sports fan comment

S.W. Anderson said...

"May you all each much bird and fall asleep on the furniture."

It's known as a tryptophan trip :)

Distributorcap, thanks for letting me know I'm not alone, although I might check out the Lions game to see how inept they are.

Suzi Riot said...

Dear Randal,

How do you manage to be such a funny bastard even when you claim to have nothing to post about?